If you’ve ever taken your dirt bike out of storage feeling like you had a new toy to play with, only to find your fun spoiled by unsightly scratches and dents, you know the pain. Maybe you’ve tried waxing and polishing the chrome, and still nothing. Scratches and scuffs dig in and refuse to budge. 


By this point, you think that the only way to fix the problem is to either start over or throw some cash at that fancy bike shop down the road. Fortunately for you, Tokyomods recommends a more affordable solution – learning how to take care of your bike on your own. Here are some reasons why servicing your bike DIY style is the better option :


Can prevent unexpected failures and breakdowns

Taking care of your dirt bike every once in a while is the best way to ensure that it stays in good working condition. Regular servicing and oiling can prevent sudden failures and breakdowns — providing cyclists with a sense of security and reliability as they ride around town.


Safety guaranteed 

Dirt bike maintenance is a way for riders to prevent injuries and damage before they happen. Don’t wait for something to happen — like a flat tire — and end up hurt or with a broken bike. Regularly maintained bikes are tight, inspected, lubricated, and tuned so that parts can move freely without significant wear or potential damage.


Improves fuel efficiency 

The first step towards better fuel efficiency is following preventive maintenance practices for your dirt bike. It should be clear that the engine and other mechanical components are in top-notch condition. Timely oil changes, filter cleaning, and tire pressure checks help to improve the performance of your dirt bike — providing greater longevity and better fuel efficiency.


It makes warranty claims easy 

A warranty is a promise that the manufacturer gives to the consumer. For a product to be covered under warranty, it needs servicing at the specified intervals as per norms. But what happens if services are not carried out as per the guidelines? As expected, the manufacturer may refuse to honor the warranty claim.


Saves money 

Regular dirt bike servicing means less chance of massive, unexpected repair costs. With consistent care, your bike will continue to run smoothly and efficiently. You’ll spend less on repairs and can enjoy smooth-as-silk rides for years to come.


Regular servicing boosts resale value 

The value of a bike increases over time, and the price you pay is only part of the equation. Two factors contribute to the value of a bike. The first is the condition of the bike’s parts, and the second is the service history. If all of your bike’s parts are in perfect condition, but it does not have service history, then your bike will likely sell for less than if it did have records of servicing done regularly.



A bike service involves more than just lubricating and cleaning your bike — it’s about improving and extending the life of your equipment, so it serves you well. A pre-season tune-up is a must if you want to enjoy your bike for years to come. It ensures that your bike will continue to serve you well throughout its life, with no second thoughts about its reliability or dependability.