AE GATE Exam Previous Papers | AE GATE Model Papers 2017

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AE GATE Exam Previous Papers | AE GATE Model Papers 2017

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AE GATE Exam Previous Papers 2017 | AE GATE Model Papers 2017

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GATE Aerospace Engineering Paper 2017 Details

  • Total number of Questions = 65

Few Question are listed below for preview: GATE Aerospace Engineering Previous Paper 2017
1. Which one of the following statements is NOT true
(A) Compared to a lainar boundary layer, a turbulent boundary layer is moer desirable on a wing operating at large angle of attack
(B) The skin friction drag for a turbulent boundary layer is larger than that for a laminar boundary layer
(C) The location of transition from laminar to turbulent boundary layer depends only on the operating Reynolds number
(D) A separated flow does not necessarily lead to a turbulent bounday layer
2. Which of the following statement(s) is / are ture about the shear centre of a cross-section:
P: It is that point in the cross-section through which shear loads produce no twisting.
Q: This point is also the centre of twist of sections subjected to pure torsion.
R: The normal stress at this point is always zero.
(A) P, Q and R
(B) P only
(C) P and Q only
(D) P and R only
3. The maximum gas flow tare that can be handled by a multistage axial compressor at a given rotational speed is dictated by
(A) Compressor Surge
(B) Rotating Stall
(C) Choking
(D) Optimum Design Pressure Ratio
4. Consider a straight wing with rectangular planform of aspect ratio 10 and with a NACA 0012 airfoil. The span effectiveness factor for this wing is 0.95. Assume the flow to be incompressible and governed by thin airfoil theory. The lift coefficient of this wing, at an angle of attack of 6 deg, is _______________(in three decimal places).

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