BEE pdf notes – 3 – Civil, Mech, ECE Branch

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BEE pdf notes - 3 - Civil, Mech, ECE Branch

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BEE PDF Notes Module - 3

Topics Covered - BEE Pdf notes of MODULE 3 are listed below:

Basic Electronics Engineering (BEE) Module 3

  • Introduction. Switching and Logic Levels.
  • Digital Waveform.
  • Number Systems: Decimal Number System, Binary Number System, Converting Decimal to Binary, Hexadecimal
  • Number System: Converting Binary to Hexadecimal, Hexadecimal to Binary,
  • Converting Hexadecimal to Decimal, Converting Decimal to Hexadecimal.
  • Octal Numbers: Binary to Octal Conversion.
  • Complement of Binary Numbers.
  • Boolean Algebra Theorems, De Morgan‟s theorem.
  • Digital Circuits: Logic gates, NOT Gate, AND Gate, OR Gate, XOR Gate, NAND
  • Gate, NOR Gate, X-NOR Gate.
  • Boolean Relation, Algebraic Simplification NAND and NOR Implementation:
  • NAND Implementation, NOR Implementation. Half adder, Full adder.

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