CAD CAM Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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CAD CAM Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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Computers in Industrial Manufacturing, Product cycle, CAD / CAM Hardware, Basic structure, CPU, Memory
types, input devices, display devices, hard copy devices, storage devices.


Computer Graphics: Raster scan graphics coordinate system, database structure for graphics modeling,
transformation of geometry, 3D transformations, mathematics of projections, clipping, hidden surface removal.


Geometric modeling: Requirements, geometric models, geometric construction models, curve representation
methods, surface representation methods, modeling facilities desired.


Drafting and Modeling systems: Basic geometric commands, layers, display control commands, editing,
dimensioning, solid modeling.


Numerical control: NC, NC modes, NC elements, NC machine tools, structure of CNC machine tools, features of
Machining center, turning center, CNC Part Programming: fundamentals, manual part programming
methods, Computer Aided Part Programming.

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