CN Complete pdf notes(material 3)

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CN Complete pdf notes(material 3)

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Network Criteria,Performance ,Reliability,Security ,Physical Structures ,Type of Connection,Point-to-Point,Multipoint,PROTOCOL LAYERING.


Multiple Access Protocols,RANDOM ACCESS ,ALOHA ,CSMA ,Vulnerable Time ,Persistence Methods ,I-Persistent ,Non persistent .


NETWORK LAYER DESIGN ISSUES,Store-and-Forward Packet Switching ,Services Provided to the Transport Layer ,Implementation of Connectionless Service ,Implementation of Connection-Oriented Service .


Tunneling,Internetwork Routing ,Packet Fragmentation ,The IP Version 4 Protocol,The Main IPv6 Header,Extension Headers .


UDP Protocol,User Datagram ,UDP Services ,Connectionless Services ,Flow Control ,Error Control ,Checksum,UDP Applications .

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