DAA Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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DAA Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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DAA Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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Algorithm,Performance of Programs,Algorithm Design Goals,Classification of Algorithms,Complexity of Algorithms,Rate of Growth,Analyzing Algorithms,The Rule of Sums,The Rule of products,The Running time of Programs,Measuring the running time of programs,Asymptotic Analyzing of Algorithms,Calculating the running time of programs,General rules for the analysis of programs


Priority Queue, Heap and Heap sort,Heap Sort ,Priority Queue implementation using heap tree ,Binary Search trees,Balanced Trees ,Dictionary ,Disjoint Set Operations ,Recurrence Relations – Iterative Substitution Method .


General Method,Control Abstraction of Divide and Conquer ,Binary Search ,External and Internal path length,Merge Sort ,Strassen’s Matrix Multiplication .


General Method,Control Abstraction,Knapsack Problem,Optimal Storage on Tapes ,Job Sequencing with deadlines ,Optimal Merge Patterns ,Huffman Codes .


Multi Storage graphs,All Pairs Shortest paths ,Traveling Sales Person problem ,Optimal Binary Search Tree,Reliability design .


Techniques for traversal of Binary tree,Techniques for graphs,Representation of Graph and Digraphs ,Depth First and Breadth First Spanning trees ,Articulation Points and bi-connected components .


General method,Terminology ,N-Queens problem ,Sum of Subsets ,Graph Coloring,Hamiltonian Cycles ,Traveling Sales Person using Backtracking .


General method,Least Cost (LC) Search ,Control Abstraction for LC-Search ,Bounding ,The 15-Puzzle problem,Job Sequencing with deadlines.

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