DDTV Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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DDTV Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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INTRODUCTION TO VERILOG,Verilog as HDL, Levels of design Description, Concurrency, Simulation and Synthesis, FunctionalVerification, System Tasks, Programming Language Interface (PLI), Module, Simulation and SynthesisTools, Test Benches.


GATE LEVEL MODELING,AND Gate Primitive, Module Structure, Other Gate Primitives, Illustrative Examples, Tri-State Gates,Array of Instances of Primitives, Design of Flip-flops with Gate Primitives, Delays, Strengths and
Contention Resolution, Net Types, Design of Basic Circuits.


BEHAVIORAL MODELING,Introduction, Operations and Assignments, Functional Bifurcation, Initial Construct, Always Construct,Examples, Assignments with Delays, Wait construct, Multiple Always Blocks, Blocking and Non
blocking Assignments, The case statement, iƒ and iƒ-else constructs, Assign-de-assign construct, repeat
construct, for loop , The disable construct, while loop, forever loop, Parallel blocks, Force-release,
construct, Event.


SWITCH LEVEL MODELLING,Basic Transistor Switches, Cmos Switch, Bidirectional Gates, Time Delays With Switch Primitives,Instantiations With Strengths And Delays, Strength Contention With Trireg Nets.


Sequential Models – Feedback Model, Capacitive Model, Implicit Model, Basic Memory, Components,
Functional Register, Static Machine Coding, Sequential Synthesis, Component Test and Verification: Test
bench – Combinational Circuit Testing, Sequential Circuit, Testing, Test bench Techniques, Design
Verification, Assertion Verification.

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