DWDM Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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DWDM Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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What is data mining,Essential step in the process of knowledge discovery in databases,Architecture of a typical data mining system/Major Components.


What is Data Warehouse,Data Warehouse Introduction,Operational and informational Data,Operational Data,Informational Data,Data Warehouse Characteristics.


Basic Concepts and a Road Map, Market – Basket analysis ,Frequent Itemsets, Closed Itemsets, and Association Rules ,Association Rule: Basic Concepts,Rule Measures: Support and Confidence .


Classification and Prediction, Model Construction,Issues regarding classification and prediction,Evaluating Classification Methods, Predictive accuracy .


Cluster Analysis,General Applications of Clustering ,Examples of Clustering Applications ,What Is Good Clustering,Requirements of Clustering in Data Mining .


Mining Stream, Time-Series, and Sequence Data,Mining Data Streams ,Stream Data Applications ,Methodologies for Stream Data Processing.


Mining Object, Spatial, Multimedia, Text, and Web Data,Multidimensional Analysis and Descriptive Mining of Complex Data Objects ,Generalization of Structured Data.


Data Mining Applications,Biomedical Data Mining and DNA Analysis , Data Mining for Financial Data Analysis ,Financial Data Mining.

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