EC Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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EC Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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EC Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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Circuit concepts, RLC parameters, voltage and current sources, independent and dependent
sources, source transformation, voltage-current relations for passive elements, kirchoff’s
laws , network reduction techniques, nodal analysis, mesh analysis, super nodal and super
mesh analysis.


RMS, average ,peak and form factor of sinusoidal wave form, steady state analysis of R,L,C
in series and parallel combinations with sinusoidal excitation,concept of reactance ,
impedance, admittance and susceptance, real,reactive and apparent powers and complex


Locus diagrams for all series and paralle combinations of RLC parameters, resonance of
series and parallel circuits, concept of bandwidth and q factor.
Magnetic circuit, faradays laws of electro-magnetic induction, concept of self and
mutual induction, dot convention, co-efficient of coupling, composite magnetic circuit,
analysis of series and parallel magnetic circuits.


Definitions, graph, tree, co-tree, cutest, tie-set, matrices for planar networks, loop and nodal
methods for analysis of networks with dependent and independent voltage and current
sources, duality and dual networks.


Network theorems with DC and ACnexcitations,tellegen’s,compensation,thevenin’s,
nortan’s, milliman’s, reciprocity and super-position theorems.

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