EM-II Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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EM-II Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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Single Phase Transformers, Introduction, Single Phase Transformer,Constructional Details,Core-type and Shell-type Construction,Core,Insulating Oil,Tank and Conservator.


Testing of Transformer,Open circuit test,Short circuit test, Load test on transformer, Open-Circuit or No-Load Test , Short-Circuit or Impedance Test,Voltage Regulation of Transformer.


Auto Transformer & Parallel Operation,Auto-transformers,Parallel Operation of Transformers,Conditions for Parallel Operation of Transformers,Same voltage ratio of transformer,Same Percentage Impedance,Same Polarity.


Poly Phase Induction Machines,The Rotating Magnetic Field,Principles of Torque Production,Construction,Equivalent Circuit,Determination of Circuit Parameters ,The no-load test ,Blocked-rotor Test,Deducing the machine performance.


Speed control,Speed control by changing applied voltage,Rotor resistance control,Cascade control ,Pole changing schemes ,Harmonics in Induction Machines .

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