EM-III Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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EM-III Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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SYNCHRONOUS MACHINES & CHARACTERISTICS,Types of synchronous machines,Construction of synchronous machines,Stator core,Relation between Speed and Frequency,Minimization of Harmonics.


REGULATION OF SYNCHRONOUS GENERATOR,EMF method,Open Circuit Characteristic,Short Circuit Characteristic,Short-Circuit Ratio,Determination of synchronous impedance,MMF method .


PARALLEL OPERATION OF SYNCHRONOUS GENERATORS,Synchronizing of alternators,Synchronizing Current,Synchronizing Power,Effect of Change of Excitation,Effect of Change of Input Torque.


SYNCHRONOUS MOTORS,Principle of operation,Methods of starting synchronous motor,Behaviour of a synchronous motor,Equivalent circuit model and phasor diagram of a synchronous motor.


SINGLE PHASE MOTORS & SPECIAL MACHINES,Principle of Operation,Starting Of Single Phase Induction Motors,Universal Motor,Stepper motors .

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