EY GATE Exam Previous Papers | EY GATE Model Papers 2017

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EY GATE Exam Previous Papers | EY GATE Model Papers 2017

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EY GATE Exam Previous Papers 2017 | EY GATE Model Papers 2017

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GATE Ecology and Evolution Paper 2017 Details

  • Total number of Questions = 65

Few Question are listed below for preview: GATE Ecology and Evolution Previous Paper 2017
1. Which one of the following evolutionary processes best describes Red Queen dynamics?
(A) Co-evolution
(B) Convergent evolution
(C) Divergent evolution
(D) Parallel evolution
2. Which of the following set of animals belongs to the group Afrotheria?
(A) Elephant, dugong, elephant shrew, kangaroo rat
(B) Elephant, hyrax, elephant shrew, dugong
(C) Elephant, pika, hyrax, aardvark
(D) Elephant shrew, dugong, aardvark, pika
3. The population of a widely distributed species gets divided into two subpopulations due to the apperance of a mountain barrier. Eventually these subpopulations evolve into two separate species. This is a case of:
(A) Allopatric speciation
(B) Parapatric speciation
(C) Peripatric speciation
(D) Sympatric speciation

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