MS Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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MS Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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Mechanics of rigid bodies,Analysis of stress and strain,TYPES OF STRESSES,Tensile or compressive stresses,MECHANICAL PROPERTIES.


Concept of Shear Force and Bending moment in beams,Sign Convention for Shear Force,Bending Moment and Shear Force Diagrams.


Members Subjected to Flexural Loads,Geometric forms of Beams,Classification of Beams,Statically Determinate or Statically Indeterminate Beams.


Complementary shear stress,Material subjected to pure shear,Material subjected to combined direct and shear stresses.


Torsion of circular shafts,GENERATION OF SHEAR STRESSES,TORSION OF HOLLOW SHAFTS,Pressurized thin walled cylinder.

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