SA-I Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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SA-I Complete pdf notes(material 2)

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Types of frame - Perfect, Imperfect and Redundant pin jointed frames Analysis of determinate pin jointed frames using method of joint for vertical loads, horizontal loads and inclined loads method of sections for vertical loads, horizontal loads and inclined loads tension co-effective method for vertical loads, horizontal loads and inclined loads .


Introduction,Strain energy in linear elastic system ,Expression of strain energy due axial load, bending moment and shear forces ,Castiglione’s first theorem – Unit Load Method ,Deflections of simple beams and pin - jointed plain trusses ,Deflections of statically determinate bent frames.


Analysis of Propped Cantilever and Fixed beams,including the beams with varying moments of inertia ,subjected to uniformly distributed load ,central point load ,eccentric point load ,number of point loads .


Deflection Method and Moment Distribution Method,Continuous beams,Clapeyron's theorem of three moments,Analysis of continuous beams with constant variable moments of inertia with one or
both ends fixed- continuous beams with overhang.


Introduction maximum SF and BM at a given section and absolute maximum S.F. and
B.M,single concentrated load U.D. load longer than the span,U.D load shorter than the span, two point loads with fixed distance between them ,Equivalent uniformly distributed load.

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