EEM Pdf Notes – Module 2 – EEE Branch

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EEM Pdf Notes - Module 2 - EEE Branch

Topics Covered - EEM Pdf notes of Module 2 are listed below:

Electrical and Electronic Measurements Module 2 Notes (EEM)

  • ¬†Measurement of Power, Energy, Power factor and Frequency.
  • Review of Dynamometer wattmeter construction and operation.
  • Torque expression, Errors and minimization, UPF and LPF wattmeters.
  • Measurement of real and reactive power in 3 phase circuits.
  • Review of Induction type energy meter construction and operation.
  • Errors, adjustments and calibration of single and three phase energy meters.
  • Construction and operation of single-phase .
  • Weston frequency meter and phase sequence indicator.

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