Corn flakes a healthy option for breakfast


Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. A healthy start with a healthy breakfast can make your day and upcoming days more fruitful. Milk, cereals, cornflakes, eggs are some items which are considered to be healthy for breakfast. Therefore Corn flakes came into existence in the year 1894 and were developed by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg.


What are Corn flakes?

Cornflakes are made up of milled corn, malt, and flavorings and can be substituted with other cereals and fruit loops. Cornflakes are low in fat and cholesterol while being rich in vitamins and minerals. A cup of corn flakes contains plenty of carbohydrates, proteins, calories, sugars, vitamins, and iron in it for your daily needs. Various health benefits of corn flakes are:

  • Proper Diet: Due to the presence of dietary fiber, proteins, vitamins, folate and other wholesome constituents corn flakes provide a proper diet and are a healthy morning cereal option.
  • Rich in Thiamine: Thiamine is good for metabolism, energy production and the proper functioning of our body.
  • Low saturated fat
  • Low cholesterol diet
  • A high amount of iron: Iron is essential for our body. It forms an important part of our blood keeps our body moving. To keep our brain healthy, an iron rich diet is very essential.

Cornflakes can be added to various recipes too, such as cornflakes chiwda, as toppings for puddings and other desserts and as fillings for various snacks. They can be replaced with bread crumbs to give the dish a healthier twist. Though cornflakes have various advantages but it is not good for people who are trying to shed some weight.It has been proven that carbohydrates provide empty calories to the body. These are harmful to people trying to lose weight. In most cases, along with cornflakes and milk people go on to add sugar to it. Sugar is bad for the health of people trying to lose weight. Thus an increase in sugar content amounts to increasing body problems such as diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and other derivatives.

Alternatives to cornflakes: Instead of consuming cornflakes switch to oats or wheat flakes. Though in India, wheat flakes are not as common but oats are the next best alternative. Oats and muesli have become very popular due to their health benefits. Oats are now available in various flavors too in the market. So what are you waiting for, go choose a healthier option for your breakfast?

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