Shah Rukh is sharing ‘ideas’ in his upcoming TV excursion TED Talks India


Shah Rukh Khan might be King of Romance in Bollywood however in the most recent secret for his upcoming TV excursion TED Talks India, Shah Rukh is tied in with sharing ‘ideas’. “Don’t just spread love, spread ideas too…ideas are the new COOL! #TEDTalksIndiaNayiSoch, Starts 10th Dec, 7 pm STAR Plus,”, peruses the title of Shah Rukh’s post on Facebook.

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Facilitated by SRK, TED Talks India Nayi Soch beginning on December 10 is effectively the most-anticipated syndicated program among TV watchers. Furthermore, in the wake of releasing a provocative trailer and mystery for reporting the airing of the show, SRK has now posted another secret where he emphasizes the purpose of sharing thoughts. In the video, Shah Rukh closes down and says, “Share karne se pyaar hi nahi, ideas bhi badhte hai (Just like love, ideas also grow on sharing.)”

The show will include speakers from different strolls of life sharing thoughts in TED’s mark organization of short, intense talks. Shah Rukh’s trip with TED had begun after he conveyed a moving discourse for them in Vancouver, Canada prior this year.  Then, there is presumably that Shah Rukh himself is a perfect speaker. His essence in front of an audience is glorious and his address is just enchanting. Also, looks like now, SRK is prepared to rouse millions over the world with this TV demonstrate that guarantees ‘nayi soch.’ This is the first run through TED is working together with a noteworthy system to deliver a TV arrangement highlighting unique TED Talks in Hindi.

“Ideas are the new cool currency, the new rock n roll. This show is a unique and powerful initiative towards opening people’s minds to the power of ideas and encouraging ‘Nayi Soch’. An idea can inspire you with limitless possibilities, give you an alternative perspective to look at oneself, one’s surroundings and future,” one of Shah Rukh’s prior explanations read.

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