Simbu sings Demonetization Anthem ‘No cash, No cash’


To honor the main commemoration of demonetization, the producers of upcoming film Thatrom Thookrom have released a melody titled Demonetization Anthem. The snare line of the melody is “No cash, No cash” over and again sung by multitalented performing artist movie producer Simbu and it in a flash interfaces with the audience members. The tune touches upon different genuine political issues of the nation, from demonetization to GST. It goes up against corporate honchos and individuals in the position of energy, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The dialect of the tune, penned by Kabilan Vairamuthu, is informal and the verses mirror the prevalent state of mind of the country and the average folks who were influenced the most by the Center’s turn to scarp the high-esteem banknotes. While the striking move was relied upon to push the dark cash hoarders to the edge of total collapse, it wound up making the typical existence of everyday people more troublesome.

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The melody says that individuals who plundered crores and crores of cash got onto, alluding to alcohol aristocrat Vijay Mallya. In any case, the white collar class were pushed into a wreck. It likewise recommends that while the well-deserved cash of fair individuals ended up noticeably invalid, all the dark cash ended up noticeably white.

The tune additionally makes reference to the support of nation’s prominent famous people, for example, Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan for the Center’s turn, who hailed demonetization as an awesome push to end the threat of dark cash. It goes ahead to state individuals kept their confidence in the legislature and remained in the line outside the banks and ATMs, exactly when they thoroughly considered its, the GST arrived. The tune calls it “Golu Maalu Globalization.”

Passing by the Demonetization Anthem, Thatrom Thookrom appears like a politically pertinent film. The movie, coordinated by Arul Suriakannu, is said to take after three vagrant young men, who have a shrewd lawmaker on their tail.

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