Twinkle rescues Akshay Kumar on the Mallika Dua controversy


It appears our resilience towards seeing uncouth level jokes on TV and movies is being tried at each passing level. Something comparative occurred amid The Great Indian Laughter Challenge between Mallika Dua and Akshay Kumar. The performing artist told, “Mallika ji aap bell bajaaiye, main aapko bajaata hoon”, which went ahead to be protested by Vinod Dua and Mallika, transforming the minute into a discussion about sexism. While Akshay has not yet talked about it, Twinkle Khanna has come with the help of her better half and said, “Humour has to be seen in right context.”

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In a note that she posted on Twitter, Twinkle wrote, “I would like to address the controversy on the sets of The Laughter Challenge. The show has a bell which the judges ring after a contestant’s exceptional performance and when Ms. Dua went forward to ring the bell, Mr. Kumar said, “Mallika Ji aap bell bajao main aapko bajata hun” A pun on the words and actions related to ringing the bell. It’s a colloquial phrase that both men and women use – for instance, “I am going to bajao him/her” or “I got bajaoed”, Red FM even has a tagline ‘Bajatey Rao’ all without sexist connotations. Mr. Vinod Dua, Ms. Dua’s father, had written a post – it’s been taken down now, stating, “I am going to screw this cretin Akshay Kumar.” Should Mr. Dua’s statement also be taken literally or interpreted in context?

Words, especially humor has to be seen in its right context. I have always stood up for freedom within comedy including defending AIB’s infamous roast on numerous occasions in the past and that is my stance even today. So kindly stop tagging me in this debate.”


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