6 Foods to Eat When your Stomach Burns or Hurts

What to eat when your stomach hurts – We may experience Stomach Upset on one or the other right? The stomach becomes Upset because of the unnecessary foods you take and also because of non-healthy street food. So if you feel that your Stomach is Upset then you will be uneasy to stand, walk and you will not feel better right? Sometimes you prefer to take medicines but when you are on hunger, you need to have the best food to eat. This article will give you the complete guide to the foods to eat on Stomach Upset.

What to eat when your stomach hurts | what to take for stomach cramps

6 Foods to Eat When your Stomach Burns or Hurts

1#. Bananas –

Banana is the best food to eat as it will digest the food you ate and then it will make you feel comfortable.

2#. Ginger –

Eat fresh Ginger if you have a Vomiting Sensation in your body. Ginger will give you strong taste. If you drink the Ginger water with lemon or honey in it then it will be interesting to drink.

3#. Papaya –

Papaya is rich in Proteolytic Enzymes and it will digest easily. Papaya will soothe your stomach by prompting the acidic environment.

4#. Mint –

Drink the Mint Juice which cleans your stomach immediately.

5#. Yogurt –

Yogurt will help you to restore your stomach and you can feel relax. Yogurt will restore good bacteria by cleaning all the bad bacteria in your body.

6#. Rice, Toast, or Potatoes –

Yes, you can eat Rice, Toast, and Potatoes in less amount if you are suffering from Stomach Upset. If you choose to eat Bland foods ten you can be relief rest of the day.

So eat the best food as mentioned above and then you can see relax when your stomach gets upset. Choose the food item which is nearby you can then have it first.

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