10 Ways to put on weight in your children

At a tender growing age, it is essential to ensure how to put on weight for your children. Many kids today do not eat a proper diet due to which they either end up being obese or underweight. To be underweight is also concerning because it is a sign of poor nutrition being supplied to the body. To ensure that the right food is chosen for your kid, keep in mind that your child takes up the following practices:

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10 Ways to put on weight in your children:

  • Eat Frequently: Instead of eating two to three big meals eat five to six smaller and healthier meals. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Include all necessary nutrients in your breakfast.
  • Eat Nutrient Rich Food: Do not consume empty calories because they only provide your body with fats and sugars. Instead, eat food that is holistically healthy like cereals, whole grain bread, dairy products, green leafy vegetables, and nuts to name a few.
  • Include Shakes and Smoothies: Opt for shakes and smoothies instead of soda and other aerated drinks. Cold drinks and other packaged drinks are not a healthy option because they cause weakening of bones and other body problems so go for shakes and smoothies like banana shakes as it helps in gaining weight.
  • Eat more protein-rich food: Proteins are the bodybuilding components during a growing age. At this point, being able to acquire a good body build should take prime focus. In order to do so, try including protein rich food. High protein foods are meat, eggs, fish, nuts and dairy products.
  • Water: Consumption of sufficient water is necessary for the body but this needs to be done at proper intervals. A glass of water a good 30 minutes before and after a meal is healthy as it increases metabolism but say no to water during meals as it does not help in gaining calories.
  • Add to it: Add extra calories to your meal, like if you are eating eggs add cheese to it, not only does it add calories but it also makes it more delicious. Other things which can be given a hit are adding cream to coffee and nuts to shakes.
  • Snack it up: Choose the right snack for your tea and snack time, include whole grain crackers, nuts, yogurt, buttermilk and cheese along with fruits and salads.
  • Exercise: Though children do not need any extra exercises to be performed apart from their daily schedule if your child is addicted to staying within the confines of those four walls, ask him to move out, play and exercise. Exercises help in building the body.
  • Eat before going to bed: Grab some munchies before going to bed. While sleeping, regeneration, and repair performed by our body which requires a steady supply of nutrients majorly provided by your bed time snack.
  • Adequate sleep: Ensure that your child takes a proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours per day because children grow even when they are asleep.

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