3 Ways in Which PMI PMP Certbolt Certification Will Change Your Career in Project Management

Despite the growing talent for project management, there is still more opportunity for anyone who has proper skills. The employers require more professionals to fill the prevailing gaps. And no matter how far you are career wise, the PMP certbolt certification will do you a lot of good. The PMI ensures that you can access the required qualifications in readiness for your role as a project manager. This article considers 3 ways in which your career can change with earning the PMP credential.

3 ways in which PMI PMP certification will change your career

As long as you are involved in ensuring projects are completed, you need to be a project manager who knows what he/she is doing. The PMP certbolt certificate recognizes the specialists’ capabilities in managing projects, so your career will get the much-needed value from this badge. And here are the ways in which PMI PMP will bring value to your career: For more visit https://www.certbolt.com

  • You can work in various industries

The PMP badge does not restrict you to a specific field or industry. It offers you the freedom to work anywhere and in any sector. This can be healthcare, IT, defense, government, and more. Earning the credential drastically increases your chances of landing a job and earning a salary that you have only been dreaming about! According to PayScale, your salary per year can be $106,403 on average.

  • It enhances teamwork

For any project to succeed, there has to be teamwork. There is no way you can avoid working with people. And to ensure teamwork and the success of the projects you are managing, the PMI PMP certbolt certificate offers you all you need. Besides competent project management skills, it also ensures that you and your team agree and that you want to achieve the same goal. Through training, you develop great communication as well as management skills.

  • You learn how to manage risks

Risks are never certain and neither are they predictable. As you work through your project, there is no guarantee that you are not going to encounter risks. And when this happens, there is a chance your project will be affected in one way or another. The managers who hold PMI PMP have advanced skills for managing risks. This means that they can identify and assess potential risks, mitigate threats, and capitalize on opportunities. Besides this being a plus to your career, you will be able to help your organization enhance and protect its requirements.

Going for PMI PMP certification

The benefits the PMP badge brings to your career are numerous. And to have access to it, you need to prepare well for the process of testing. Your skills need to be validated through the exam with multiple-choice questions covering five domains. They involve various processes of a project, such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, as well as controlling and closing. There will be about 200 questions that you should answer within 4 hours. If you are a PMI member, you will pay $405 to register, but if you are a non-member, the cost will be $555.

Preparation involves different ways, including taking official courses or using self-study materials from third-party training sites. Among the self-study materials that you can use to prepare for your PMP certbolt certification exam, there are practice tests. They enhance your test-taking skills and promote your chances of passing the exam and earning your badge. For more visit https://www.exam-labs.com


With the PMI PMP credential, your recognition will be worldwide. You will have an edge over those who do not have the certificate and even get a chance to have a better salary. It is also a great way to become a leader of the team as it gives you a chance to manage projects and steer them to success. By obtaining this certbolt certification today, you open yourself to the privileges that come with being a great project manager!

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