Advanced Computer Architecture VTU Notes Pdf | ACA VTU Notes


Here you can download the Advanced Computer Architecture VTU Notes Pdf (ACA VTU Notes) of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Advanced Computer Architecture VTU Notes Pdf | ACA VTU Notes of Total Modules

Please find the download links of Advanced Computer Architectures VTU Notes Pdf | ACA VTU Notes are listed below:

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Advanced Computer Architecture VTU Notes Pdf | VTU ACA notes


Link: Part A 


UNIT – 1

FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTER DESIGN: Introduction; Classes of computers; Defining computer architecture; Trends in Technology, power in Integrated Circuits and cost; Dependability; Measuring, reporting and summarizing Performance; Quantitative Principles of computer design.

Link: Unit-1 


UNIT – 2

PIPE LINING: Introduction; Pipeline hazards; Implementation of the pipeline; What makes pipelining hard to implement?

Link: Unit-2


UNIT – 3

INSTRUCTION –LEVEL PARALLELISM – 1: ILP: Concepts and challenges; Basic Compiler Techniques for exposing ILP; Reducing Branch costs with prediction; Overcoming Data hazards with Dynamic scheduling; Hardware-based speculation.

Link: Unit-3


UNIT – 4

INSTRUCTION –LEVEL PARALLELISM – 2: Exploiting ILP using multiple issue and static scheduling; Exploiting ILP using dynamic scheduling, multiple issue and speculation; Advanced Techniques for instruction delivery and Speculation; The Intel Pentium 4 as an example.

Link: Unit-4



Link: Part-B 


UNIT – 5

MULTIPROCESSORS AND THREAD –LEVEL PARALLELISM: Introduction; Symmetric shared-memory architectures; Performance of symmetric shared–memory multiprocessors; Distributed shared memory and directory-based coherence; Basics of synchronization; Models of Memory Consistency.

Link: Unit-5


UNIT – 6

REVIEW OF MEMORY HIERARCHY: Introduction; Cache performance; Cache Optimizations, Virtual memory.

Link: Unit-6


UNIT – 7

MEMORY HIERARCHY DESIGN: Introduction; Advanced optimizations of Cache performance; Memory technology and optimizations; Protection: Virtual memory and virtual machines.

Link: Unit-7


UNIT – 8

HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE FOR VLIW AND EPIC: Introduction: Exploiting Instruction-Level Parallelism Statically; Detecting and Enhancing Loop-Level Parallelism; Scheduling and Structuring Code for Parallelism; Hardware Support for Exposing Parallelism: Predicated Instructions; Hardware Support for Compiler Speculation; The Intel IA-64 Architecture and Itanium Processor; Conclusions.

Link: Unit-8 

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