Advanced Control Systems Notes pdf – ACS notes pdf

Advanced Control Systems Notes pdf – ACS notes pdf file

Advanced Control Systems Notes pdf – ACS pdf notes – ACS notes pdf file to download are listed below please check it –

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Note :- These notes are according to the R09 Syllabus book of JNTU.In R13 and R15,8-units of R09 syllabus are combined into 5-units in R13 and R15 syllabus. If you have any doubts please refer to the JNTU Syllabus Book.


STATE SPACE ANALYSIS :State Space Representation, Solution of State Equation, State Transition Matrix, Canonical Forms – Controllable Canonical Form, Observable Canonical Form, Jordan Canonical Form.


CONTROLLABILITY AND OBSERVABILITY :Tests for controllability and observability for continuous time systems – Time varying case, minimum energy control, time invariant case, Principle of Duality, Controllability and observability form Jordan canonical form and other canonical forms.


DESCRIBING FUNCTION ANALYSIS :Introduction to nonlinear systems, Types of nonlinearities, describing functions, describing function analysis of nonlinear control systems.


PHASE-PLANE ANALYSIS :Introduction to phase-plane analysis, Method of Isoclines for Constructing Trajectories, singular points, phase-plane analysis of nonlinear control systems.


STABILITY ANALYSIS :Stability in the sense of Lyapunov., Lyapunov’s stability and Lypanov’s instability theorems. Direct method of Lypanov for the Linear and Nonlinear continuous time autonomous systems.


MODAL CONTROL:Effect of state feedback on controllability and observability, Design of State Feedback Control through Pole placement. Full order observer and reduced order observer.


CALCULUS OF VARIATIONS :Minimization of functionals of single function, Constrained minimization. Minimum principle. Control variable inequality constraints. Control and state variable inequality constraints. Euler Lagrangine Equation.


OPTIMAL CONTROL:Formulation of optimal control problem. Minimum time, Minimum energy, minimum fuel problems. State regulator problem. Output regulator problem. Tracking problem, Continuous-Time Linear Regulators.

Reference – Advanced Control Systems Notes – ACS notes pdf – ACS pdf notes – ACS Pdf – ACS Notes

1.Modern Control Engineering – by K. Ogata, Prentice Hall of India, 3rd edition, 1998
2.Control Systems Engineering by I.J. Nagarath and M.Gopal, New Age International (P) Ltd.
3.Digital Control and State Variable Methods – by M. Gopal, Tata Mc Graw-Hill Companies, 1997.
4.Systems and Control by Stainslaw H. Zak , Oxford Press, 2003.

Text books – Advanced Control Systems Notes – ACS notes pdf – ACS pdf notes – ACS Pdf – ACS Notes

Modern Control System Theory – by M. Gopal, New Age International Publishers, 2nd edition, 1996.

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