Analog Communication Notes VTU | AC Notes VTU

Here you can download the Analog Communication Notes VTU (AC Notes VTU) of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Analog Communication Notes VTU – AC Notes VTU of Total Units

Please find the download links of Analog Communication Notes VTU – AC Notes VTU are listed below:

Analog Communication Notes VTU | AC Notes VTU
Analog Communication Notes VTU | AC Notes VTU

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AC Notes VTU – Analog Communication Notes VTU – VTU AC notes


Link: Part A Notes


UNIT – 1

RANDOM PROCESS: Random variables: Several random variables. Statistical averages: Function of Random variables, moments, Mean,Correlation and Covariance function.

Link: Unit 1 Notes


UNIT – 2

AMPLITUDE MODULATION: Introduction, AM: Time-Domain description, Frequency – Domain description. Generation of AM wave: square law modulator, switching modulator. Detection of AM waves: square law detector, envelop detector.

Link: Unit 2 Notes


UNIT – 3

SINGLE SIDE-BAND MODULATION (SSB): Quadrature carrier multiplexing, Hilbert transform, properties of Hilbert transform, Preenvelope, Canonical representation of band pass signals, Single side-band modulation.

Link: Unit 3 Notes


UNIT – 4

VESTIGIAL SIDE-BAND MODULATION (VSB): Frequency – Domain description, Generation of VSB modulated wave, Time – Domain description, Envelop detection of VSB wave plus carrier, Comparison of amplitude modulation techniques, Frequency translation, Frequency division multiplexing, Application.

Link: Unit 4 Notes


PART –B        

Link: Part B Notes


UNIT – 5

ANGLE MODULATION (FM)-I: Basic definitions, FM, narrow band FM, wide band FM, transmission bandwidth of FM waves, generation of FM waves: indirect FM and direct FM.

Link: Unit 5 Notes


UNIT – 6

ANGLE MODULATION (FM)-II: Demodulation of FM waves, FM stereo multiplexing, Phase-locked loop, Nonlinear model of the phase – locked loop, Linear model of the phase – locked loop, Nonlinear effects in FM systems.

Link: Unit 6 Notes


UNIT – 7

NOISE: Introduction, shot noise, thermal noise, white noise, Noise equivalent bandwidth, Narrow bandwidth, Noise Figure, Equivalent noise temperature, cascade connection of two-port networks.

Link: Unit 7 Notes 


UNIT – 8

NOISE IN CONTINUOUS WAVE MODULATION SYSTEMS: Introduction, Receiver model, Noise in DSB-SC receivers, Noise in SSB receivers, Noise in AM receivers, Threshold effect, Noise in FM receivers, FM threshold effect, Pre-emphasis and De-emphasis in FM.

Link: Unit 8 Notes

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