Analog Electronics Circuits Notes VTU | AEC Notes Pdf VTU



Here you can download the Analog Electronics Circuits Notes VTU (AEC Notes Pdf) of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Analog Electronics Circuits Notes VTU | AEC Notes Pdf VTU

Analog Electronics Circuits Notes VTU | VTU AEC Notes Pdf of Total Units

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Diode Circuits. Review of diodes as rectifiers. Diode clipping and clamping circuits. Transistor biasing and stabilization. Operating point.Analysis and design of fixed bias circuit.Self-bias circuit. Emitter stabilized bias circuit.

Link: Module 1 Notes



Transistor at low frequencies.BJT transistor modeling.CE fixed bias configuration.voltage divider bias, emitter follower.CB configuration, Collector feedback configuration. Analysis using h – parameter model.

Link: Module 2 Notes



Multistage amplifiers.Cascade and cascade connections. Darlington circuits.Analysis and design. Feedback concept, different types, practical feedback circuits, analysis and design of feedback circuits. 

Link: Module 3 Notes



Power amplifiers.Amplifier types.Analysis and design of different power amplifiers.Distortion in power amplifiers.Oscillators: Principle of operation. The principle of operation, analysis, and derivation of the frequency of oscillation of phase shift oscillator, Wien bridge oscillator, RF and crystal oscillator, and frequency stability. 

Link: Module 4 Notes



FETs: Construction.Working and characteristics of JFET.MOSFET.Biasing of JFET.MOSFET, JFET, and MOSFET.Amplifiers, analysis, and design.

Link: Module 5 Notes

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