AWS Developer Associate Exam: Preparation for 2022

The AWS Developer Certification (Associate Level) is intended for those individuals with one or more years of practical experience developing and sustaining an AWS-based application. The AWS certification is very beneficial, and it unlocks a host of opportunities. The AWS Developer Associate certification exams are meant for software and web developers. It checks your skill to widen and organize software applications on AWS and work with  serverless architecture, databases, and application of AWS API.


Basic Requirements For AWS Developer Associate Exam

The exam of AWS Developer certification requires you to have the following:

  • Exhaustive knowledge of no less than one high-level programming language
  • Knowledge of foundational AWS services, application of the services, and essential AWS design best practices, which include the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, lifecycle management application, and the utilization of containers in the development process
  • Aptitude to use a basic knowledge of cloud-native applications in order to write code
  • Expertise in developing, arranging as well as debugging cloud-based applications employing AWS and writing code for serverless apps
  • Aptitude to recognize key attributes of AWS services and apply the AWS service APIs, and SDKs to write down applications
  • Capability to write, maintain, and fix code modules on AWS

This AWS course also gives the individual the recognition that one deserves for their knowledge and skills of cloud computing.


How to prepare for the AWS Developer Certification exam? 

As you prepare for the AWS certificate course, you must begin reading more about various AWS services, their merits, and their demerits, and viewing more online courses and tutorials on YouTube. You also must go through more hands-on labs and begin solving more practice questions. All these practices tend to bring great knowledge and proficiency in connection to AWS. This serves well not only on certification but also in times of interviews and your daily jobs. 

Here are a few important tips to follow:


Online courses

You can start your preparation for AWS certification through online courses. First, however, you need to select the correct courses, which will not only involve preparation for the exam syllabus well but also help you learn practical matters. This will help you to learn AWS skills that are needed in actual world jobs. In addition, some of the online courses are free of cost, and others are also quite reasonable.

Reference Books

Besides online AWS courses, it is highly recommended to study guide to gather knowledge about exam topics properly. Reference books provide the most exhaustive coverage, but they are sometimes not completely up-to-date as it is actually not possible to update books every 6 months when the topics and syllabus of the exam are updated for these certifications.


Mock and Practice Tests

This is a very important drill for your AWS certification process. Mock tests are a critical part of the preparation as they can be used to assess your preparation level. You can also use them to find your strength and weakness and work on them before the actual exam.


Analyze previous year’s question papers

You must review sample questions that will give you a clear idea of the question format of this exam. It will also offer you a direction and rationale for the correct answers.


Hands-on Labs

It is very important to go through practice inside the AWS console if the candidate aspires to work as an Certified Developer. It is scientifically proven that you remember things you do practically. Such AWS practice sessions will enable you to understand and retain knowledge about the services like EC2, DynamoDB, IAM, S3S3, etc. You can also sign up for a free-of-cost AWS account at the AWS portal.


Case Studies and White Papers

Experts always recommend going through White Papers and Case studies catered by AWS and Amazon. These case studies are incredibly exhaustive and offer practical content. In case you intend to study in more detail, you can also go through AWS documentation. It provides the most updated information, which is undoubtedly a critical factor as AWS cloud certification is still maturing, and there are hundreds of updates to catch up.


Other details about the AWS Developer Associate 

The duration of the exam is 130 minutes. The format includes 65 questions, either Multiple Choice Questions or Multiple Choice Responses. Qualifying marks for the AWS Associate certification exam changes daily. It varies from 60 to 72 percent or even more. However, you should always be ready for 75 percent to qualify for the exam on the very first try.

Also, the time for preparation for the AWS certification exam mostly depends on experience level. For an absolute novice to AWS, a preparation time span of 4 to 6 weeks is reasonable enough. In addition, the exam can be written in various languages like English, German, and Korean, among others. 



This certification exam will propel your career. Hence, proper preparation following the tips mentioned above would certainly help you qualify for the AWS Developer Certification.

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