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Here you can download the free lecture Notes of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Notes pdf – CAD CAM pdf notes materials with multiple file links to download. Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing pdf notes (CAD CAM Pdf Notes) book starts with the topics covering Computers in Industrial Manufacturing,  Raster scan graphics coordinate system, Requirements, geometric models, Basic geometric commands,  NC, NC modes, Part family, coding and classification, Terminology in quality control, Types of Manufacturing systems Etc..,

The Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Notes pdf – CAD CAM notes pdf file


Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Notes pdf – CAD CAM pdf notes – CAD CAM pdf notes file to download are listed below please check it –

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Unit 3

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Unit  4

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Unit  5

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Note :- These notes are according to the R09 Syllabus book of JNTU.In R13 and R15,8-units of R09 syllabus are combined into 5-units in R13 and R15 syllabus. If you have any doubts please refer to the JNTU Syllabus Book.

Smartzworld notes

UNIT – I: CAD CAM pdf notes

Computers in Industrial Manufacturing, Product cycle, CAD / CAM Hardware, Basic structure, CPU, Memory types, input devices, display devices, hard copy devices, storage devices.

UNIT – II: CAD CAM pdf notes

Computer Graphics : Raster scan graphics coordinate system, database structure for graphics modeling, transformation of geometry, 3D transformations, mathematics of projections, clipping, hidden surface removal.

UNIT – III: CAD CAM pdf notes

Geometric modeling : Requirements, geometric models, geometric construction models, curve representation methods, surface representation methods, modeling facilities desired.

UNIT – IV: CAD CAM pdf notes

Drafting and Modeling systems : Basic geometric commands, layers, display control commands, editing, dimensioning, solid modeling.

Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing Notes pdf – CAD CAM notes pdf

UNIT – V: CAD CAM pdf notes

Numerical control : NC, NC modes, NC elements, NC machine tools, structure of CNC machine tools, features of Machining center, turning center, CNC Part Programming : fundamentals, manual part programming methods, Computer Aided Part Programming.

UNIT – VI: CAD CAM pdf notes

Group Tech : Part family, coding and classification, production flow analysis, advantages and limitations, Computer Aided Processes Planning, Retrieval type and Generative type.

UNIT – VII: CAD CAM pdf notes

Computer Aided Quality Control: Terminology in quality control, the computer in QC, contact inspection methods, noncontact inspection methods-optical, noncontact inspection methods-nonoptical, computer aided testing, integration of CAQC with CAD/CAM.

UNIT – VIII: CAD CAM pdf notes

Computer integrated manufacturing systems: Types of Manufacturing systems, Machine tools and related equipment, material handling systems, computer control systems, human labor in the manufacturing systems, CIMS benefits.

Reference: JNTU World

1. Automation , Production systems & Computer integrated Manufacturing/ Groover/P.E
2. CAD / CAM / CIM / Radhakrishnan and Subramanian / New Age
3. Principles of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing / Farid Amirouche / Pearson
4. CAD/CAM: Concepts and Applications/Alavala/ PHI
5. Computer Numerical Control Concepts and programming / Warren S Seames / Thomson.
Text books:
1. CAD / CAM A Zimmers & P.Groover/PE/PHI
2. CAD / CAM Theory and Practice / Ibrahim Zeid / TMH
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What is the role of computers in manufacturing?
A1: Mainly, it is classified into two types.
One, computer monitoring and control of the manufacturing process. Here, computer is directly interfered with the manufacturing process for mainly monitoring and control functions. For example, chemical processing industries
Second, manufacturing support applications that deals with the preparations for actual manufacturing and post manufacturing process. All support functions are included for the completion of the manufacturing operations. Example, usage of computers to develop the geometric model in 3D form.
Q2: What is CAD and its advantages?
A2: Computer Aided Design (CAD) utilises computer as a tool for all the functions which are involved in the design process. Advantages of CAD are,
– CAD is accurate and more faster than the conventional methods
– Available construction facilities in CAD would make the job of developing the model and associated drafting an easy task.
– It is possible to manipulate various attributes, dimension and distances of the drawing elements under CAD
– Professional CAD packages provide 3D visualization capabilities so that when the designers can see the products being designed from several different orientations
– Modification of a model is east and would make the designer’s work simple to take care of any future requirements.
Q3: What are the applications of computer designing?
A3: – Modelling of any design
– Engineering analysis and design
– Evaluation/examination of prototype through testing and simulation
– Draft and designing documentation
Q4: What are the Advantages and disadvantages of b-rep?
A4: Advantages of b-rep include,
– They are appropriate to construct solid models of unusual shapes
– It is relatively simple to convert a b-rep model to wire frame model
Disadvantages of b-rep
– B- rep Requires more storage than any other
– They are not very suitable for applications like tool path generation
– They have Slow manipulation

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