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Data Communications and Computer Networks PDF VSSUT – DCCN PDF VSSUT of Total Complete Notes

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VSSUT are listed below:

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Module – 1

Overview of Data Communications and Networking

Physical Layer : Analog and Digital, Analog Signals, Digital Signals, Analog versus Digital,

Data Rate Limits, Transmission Impairment, More about signals.

Digital Transmission: Line coding, Block coding, Sampling, Transmission mode.

Link: Module – 1

Module – 2

Data Link Layer Error Detection and correction:

Types of Errors, Detection, Error Correction Data Link Control and Protocols:

Flow and Error Control, Stop-and-wait ARQ. Go-Back-N ARQ,

Selective Repeat ARQ, HDLC. Point-to –Point Access: PPP,

Point –to- Point Protocol, PPP Stack, Multiple Access,

Link: Module – 2

Module – 3

Network Layer: Host to Host Delivery

Internetworking, addressing and Routing Network Layer Protocols: ARP, IPV4,

ICMP, IPV6 ad ICMPV6 Transport Layer: Process to Process Delivery:

UDP; TCP congestion control and Quality of service

Link: Module – 3

Module – 4

Application Layer

Client Server Model, SocDket Interface,

Domain Name System (DNS): Electronic Mail (SMTP) and file transfer (FTP) HTTP and WWW.

Link: Module – 4

Module – 5

Random Access

Carrier Sense Multiple Access Protocols

Non-persistent CSMA,  P-persistent CSMA: CSMA with Collision Detection

Link: Module – 5

Module – 6


  Physical Layer, Standard Ethernet

MAC Sublayer, Fast Ethernet, MAC Sublayer,Physical Layer

Link: Module – 6

Module – 7

Bluetooth: Architecture

Link: Module – 7

Module – 8

Data Link Layer Switching

 Operation of Two Port Bridge, Remote Bridges:  Virtual LANs

Link: Module – 8

Text Books:

1. Data Communications and Networking: Behrouz A. Forouzan, Tata McGraw-Hill, 4th Ed

3. Computer Networks: A. S. Tannenbum, D. Wetherall, Prentice Hall, Pearson 5th Ed

Reference Book :

1.Computer Networks:A system Approach:Larry L, Peterson & Bruce S. Davie,Elsevier, 4th Ed

2. Computer Networks: Natalia Olifer, Victor Olifer, Willey India

3. Data and Computer Communications: William Stallings, Prentice Hall, Pearson, 9th Ed.

4. Data communication & Computer Networks: Gupta, Prentice Hall of India

5. Network for Computer Scientists & Engineers: Zheng, Oxford University Press

6. Data Communications and Networking: White, Cengage Learning

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