Environmental Engineering Notes pdf – EE notes pdf

Environmental Engineering Notes pdf – EE notes pdf file

Environmental Engineering Notes pdf – EE pdf notes – EE notes pdf file to download are listed below please check it-

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Note :– These notes are according to the R09 Syllabus book of JNTU.In R13 and R15,8-units of R09 syllabus are combined into 5-units in R13 and R15 syllabus. If you have any doubts please refer to the JNTU Syllabus Book.


Introduction: Waterborne -diseases – protected water supply – Population forecasts, design period-water demand-Types of demand -factors affecting -fluctuations – fire demand – storage capacity – water quality and testing – drinking water standards.


SOURCES OF WATER : Comparison from quality and quantity and other considerations – intakes – infiltration galleries, confined and unconfined aquifers distribution systems. – requirements – methods and layouts.


Layout and general outline of water treatment units- sedimentation, uniform -settling velocity-principles – design factors – surface loading – Jar test – Optimum dosage of coagulant – coagulation-flocculation clarifier design – coagulants -feeding arrangements. .


Filtration – theory – working of slow and rapid gravity filters – multimedia filters – design of filters – troubles in operation comparison of filters – disinfection_- types of disinfection – theory of chlorination—chlorine demand other disinfection treatment methods.


Distribution systems – types of layouts of Distribution systems – design of distribution systems – Hardy Cross equivalent pipe methods service reservoirs – joints, valves such as sluice valves, air valves, scour valves and check valves water meters – laying and testing of pipe lines – pump house.


Conservancy and water carriage systems – sewage and storm water estimation – time of concentration – storm water overflows combined flow – characteristics of sewage – cycles of decay – decomposition of sewage. examination of sewage – B.0.D — C.0.D. equations. Design of sewers – shapes and materials – sewer appurtenances manholes – inverted siphon – catch basins – flushing tanks – ejectors, pumps and pumphouses – house drainge — components requirements – sanitary fittings-traps – one pipe and two pipe systems of plumbing – ultimate disposal of sewage – sewage farming -dilution.


Layout and general out line of various units in_a waste water treatment plant – primary treatment design of screens – grit chambers – skimming tanks – _ sedimentation tanks – principles and design of biological treatment – trickling filters – standard and high rate.


Construction and design of oxidation, ponds – Sludge digestion tanks – factors effecting – design of Digestion tank – Sludge disposal by drying – septic tanks working principles and design – soak pits.

Reference – Environmental Engineering Notes – EE notes pdf – EE pdf notes – EE Pdf – EE Notes

1. Water and Waste Water Technology by Mark J Hammar and Mark J. Hammar Jr.
2. Water and Waste Water Technology by Steel
3. Water and Waste Water Engineering by Fair Geyer and Okun
4. Waste water treatment- concepts and design approach by G.L. Karia and R.A. Christian, PHI
5. Waste water Engineering by Metcalf and Eddy.
6. Unit operations in Enviromnental Engineering by R. Elangovan and M.K Saseetharan, New age International.

Text books – Environmental Engineering Notes – EE notes pdf – EE pdf notes – EE Pdf – EE Notes

l. Water supply and sanitary Engineering by GS. Birdi, Dhanpat Rai & Sons Publishers.
2 Water Supply Engineering, Vol. 1, waste water Engineering, Vol. II, B.C.Punmia, Ashok Jain & Arun Jain, Laxmi Publications Pvt.Ltd, New Delhi
3. Elements of environmental engineering by K.N. Duggal, S. Chand Publishers



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