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Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics PDF VSSUT – FFM PDF VSSUT of Total Complete Notes

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Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Notes VSSUT – FFM Notes VSSUT

Module – 1

Fluid as a continuum

Velocity field, Stress Field, Viscosity, Newtonian Fluids, Causes of Viscosity,

Vapor Pressure, Surface TensionBasic flow Analysis Techniques,

Control – volume or integral analysis, Infinitesimal system or differential analysis,

Experimental or dimensional analysis, Flow patterns

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Module – 2


The basic equations of fluid statics, Pressure variation in a static fluid,

Multi Fluid Manometer, Inclined Tube manometer,

Hydrostatic Force on the plane surface which is inclined at an angle ‘’ to horizontal free surface,

 Concept of pressure prism, Hydrostatic Force on a curved submerged surface,

 Fluids in Rigid – Body Motion, Liquid in rigid body motion with constant angular speed

Stability of submerged Bodies,  Theoritical Determination of Metacentric Height

Floating Bodies Containing Liquid:- Period of oscillation:

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Module – 3


Differential analysis of fluid motion, Conservation of mass /continuity equation,

 MOMENTUM EQUATION, Newtonian fluid :- Navier – stokes equation,

Stream function for two dimensional incompressible flow, Fluid rotation,

INCOMPRESSIBLE INVISCID FLOW, Momentum equation for frictionless flow:

Euler’s equations: Euler’s equations in streamline co-ordinates,

Bernoulli’s equation: Integration of Euler’s equation along a stream line for steady flow

( Derivation using stream line co – ordinates )

Unsteady Bernoulli’s equation( Integration of Euler’s equation along a stream line):

Bernoulli’s equation using rectangular coordinates: HGL and EGL

Link: Module – 3

Module – 4

Head loss – the friction factor

Flow through Branched pipes, Sudden Enlargement, MEASUREMENT OF FLOW RATE THROUGH PIPE,

Link: Module – 4

Module – 5

Flow Over Notches & Weirs

Trapezoidal Notch, Water hammer, Specific Energy Critical Depth

Link: Module – 5

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