GATE Geology and Geophysics Question Papers with Solutions

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GATE Geology and Geo Physics Question Papers with Solutions

Here you can find in the below link of GATE Geology and Geophysics Question Papers with Solutions – Gate Geology and Geophysics Question Papers of all previous question papers download links are updated below:

Complete GATE Geology And Geophysics Question Papers with Solutions | GATE GG Question Papers


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Few Same questions from previous Gate GG question papers are listed below:

1. Which one of the following minerals has poor cleavage in all direction?
(A) Fluorite
(B) Orthoclase
(C) Quartz
(D) Muscovite

2. Brightness temperature is a function of surface temperature and
(A) transmittance.
(B) reflectance.
(C) refractive index.
(D) emissivity.

3. Which one amongst the following logging tools has the largest depth of investigation?
(A) Density
(B) Laterolog 3
(C) Laterolog 8
(D) Neutron

4. In a zone of superposed folding, poles to bedding show a great circle distribution. For such a case, the fold axes related to the first generation of folding will
(A) also be distributed along the same great circle girdle.
(B) be distributed on a great circle girdle orthogonal to the bedding plane girdle.
(C) show a cluster around the pole to the bedding plane girdle.
(D) show a small circle distribution around the pole to the bedding plane girdle

5. Which one of the following logging techniques is most suitable to detect a shale layer sandwiched between two sandstone layers?
(A) Neutron-Gamma
(B) Gamma-Gamma
(C) Natural Gamma
(D) Sonic

6. Which one of the following statements is CORRECT?
(A) Movement of the shoreline seaward is transgression.
(B) No movement of the shoreline is transgression.
(C) Movement of the shoreline seaward as a result of sea-level fall is forced regression.
(D) Movement of the shoreline landward is regression.

7. Select the CORRECT statement from the following options.
(A) Hogback is an isolated tableland with sides that are usually steep.
(B) Crevasses are deposits of glacial origin.
(C) Loess comprises pebbles of rocks or minerals with some plane faces formed by wind abrasion.
(D) Loamy soil is a mixture of sand and clay

8. The maximum velocity of the Indian Plate is observed in
(A) Maldives
(B) Bangalore
(C) Delhi
(D) Srinagar

9. The main source of error in computing the orientation of planar features from drill cores is
(A) rotation of the core during extraction
(B) cylindrical shape of the core
(C) non-vertical orientation of the drill axis
(D) staining during drilling operations

10. The two most abundant elements in the Earth are
(A) oxygen and iron
(B) iron and magnesium
(C) oxygen and silicon
(D) iron and silicon

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