NOTE : All the Information stated below is just to help students to get an idea regarding different queries from students. Smartzworld do not guarantee any of the below stated and we request all the students to confirm things from your college examination branch before proceed.( IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR 2015 PASS OUTS OF JNTU HYDERABAD )

Note :

  • Read entire topic before u post any question because all most all quires are answered here.
  • All the doubts regarding results, exception of 2 subjects other things are posted.
  • All the rules like exception of 2 subjects & exception of 1st year subjects are  applicable for 2015 passed outs.

Terms used in the posting

  • Q = Question
  • Ans = Answer

Q) When Results will be released ?

Ans : After completion of exams within 30 to 45 days results will be released mostly. We will alert u as soon as results are released.

Q) What about the Advance Supple Exams ?

Ans : Notification will be issued for the advance supple by respective JNTU regions. Advance supple exams will be conducted only for 4-2 sem subjects.

Q) Will there be any supple for project work & comprehensive viva-voice ?

Ans : Yes supple will be conducted for project & comprehensive viva-voice before starting of advance supple exams. Notification will be issued for the same.

Q) What all the certificates/memos will be issued after 4-2 results ?

Ans : After declaring the results JNTU will issue 4-2 Semester indiviual memo, CMM, PC & OD.

CMM: Consolidated Marks Memo/credit sheet (which contains marks of all years)

PC: Provisional Certificate Sample PC screenshot is available in the below link. image is re-sized , Just click on it for the orginal resolution.

OD: ORIGINAL DEGREE Will be sent directly to the student address as u had already paid the amount & applied for OD during exam registrations of April/May/June 2015.

Q) Do i need to apply for CMM,PC ?

Ans : No need to apply if u had cleared all the subjects from 1 to 4 years. if you need to leave 2 subjects or single subject you need to apply it by filling undertaking form.

Q) Can i apply For CMM,PC in Tatkal Process ?

Ans : Yes, You can apply your CMM, PC in Tatkal Process with a fees of Rs 1000/- and get CMM & PC in 1-2 days.

Q) How Many days it may take to issue CMM,PC ?

Ans :1 to 2 weeks if u secure 192  (Regular Students) & 142 (Lateral Entry Students) credits by june 2015.

Q) What is the requirement to get the degree For R09 B.Tech Students ?

Ans: As per B.Tech (R09) regulations, one of the academic requirement to award degree is that the student should secure 192 credits (out of 200 credits registered) with the compulsory subjects as listed below:

1. All the practical subjects from 1st year to 4-2.

3. Industry oriented mini-project

4. Seminar

5. Project works.

The above statement says that u can leave any 2 subjects as exemption rule is applicable for your batch. You need to clear all practical subjects (Labs), Mini & Major Project & Seminar. You can leave 2 subjects or single subject which you remained failed which should contain 4+4 credits, 4+3 credits, 3+3 credits or one subject which contains 6 credits, If you have passed all the subjects JNTU itself will exclude 2 subjects from total and grade you and those 2 subjects will have star mark in CMM

Q) Can I leave Engineering Drawing ?

Ans : Yes you can leave Engineering Drawing as it is considered as a subject.

Q) How to apply for leaving 2 subjects?

Ans :

  • For Exemption of two failed subjects students should fill “UNDERTAKING FORM” & Submit it in the respective college Examination Branch.
  • Students who have cleared all your subjects can not choose their two subjects Exemption, JNTU itself will choose your exemption subjects.
  • Along with Undertaking Form students need to Enclose the following
  1. A Written letter to Director of Evaluation, JNTUH.
  2. SSC Certificate Xerox.
  3. All the xerox copies of memos from 1st year to 4-2 (If Memos are not available with you then enclose a internet memo from JNTU Result portal).
  • Students will be getting their Consolidated Marks Memo & Provisional Certificate with in 21 working days from the submission date of UNDERTAKING Form.
  • ALL the Students can collect their Consolidated Marks Memo & Provisional Certificate from their respective colleges & OD will be posted to your Postal Address.

Q) What Does Practical subjects mean ?

Ans : Practical subjects are Labs in each semester.

Q) What about Grace Marks & .15% rule ?

Ans : Grace Marks rule is applicable only for JNTUH Students. For More details Clickhere

Q) Rules For Award Of Degree ?

Ans : Click here For Rules 


  1. Hello, I’m a 2016passout from Jntuh affiliated college.
    Can I know how 2016 passouts get original degree,how should we apply for the original degree?
    Please do respond

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