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Compensations & Benefits Notes pdf – CB Notes of Total Modules

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Module – 1

Introduction To Compensation:Definition of Compensation, The Pay Model, Strategic Pay Policies, Strategic Perspectives of Pay, Strategic Pay Decisions, Best Practices vs. Best Fit Options.

Module – 2

Defining Internal Alignment:Definition of Internal Alignment, Internal Pay Structures, Strategic Choices In Internal Alignment Design, Which Internal Structure Fits Best?

Module – 3

Job Analysis and Evaluation:Why Perform Job Analysis?, Job Analysis Procedures, Job Analysis Data Collection Process, Job Descriptions, Definition of Job Evaluation, Major Decisions In Job Evaluation, Job Evaluation Methods, Final Result – Pay Structure.

Module – 4

Determining External Competitiveness and Benefits Management: Competitiveness: Definition of Competitiveness, Pay Policy Alternatives, Wage Surveys, Interpreting Survey Results, Pay Policy Line, Pay Grades.
Benefits:Benefits Determination Process, Value of Benefits, Legally Required Benefits, Retirement, Medical, & Other Benefits.

Module – 5

Performance Based Compensation System: Employee Contributions: Pay For Performance (PFP): Rewarding Desired Behaviors, Does Compensation Motivate Performance?, Designing PFP Plans, Merit Pay/Variable Pay, Individual vs. Group Incentives, Long Term Incentives. Compensation of Special Groups: Who are Special Groups?, Compensation Strategies For Special Groups.

Module – 6

Legal & Administrative Issues in Compensation: Legal Issues, Pay Discrimination, Comparable Worth, Budgets and Administration.

Module – 7

Global Compensation: Recognizing Variations, Social Contract, Culture & Pay, Strategic Choices In Global Compensation, Comparing Systems, Expatriate Pay.

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