Mechanical Vibrations VTU Notes Pdf – MV VTU Pdf

Here you can download the Mechanical Vibrations VTU Notes Pdf – MV VTU Pdf Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Mechanical Vibrations VTU Notes Pdf – MV VTU Pdf of Total Modules

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Mechanical Vibrations VTU Notes Pdf - MV VTU Pdf

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UNIT – 1

Introduction: Types of vibrations, Definitions, Simple Harmonic Motion (S.H.M.), Work done by harmonic force, Principle of superposition applied to SHM, Beats, Fourier theorem and problems.

Link: Unit-1 Notes


(Single Degree of Freedom) Free Vibrations: Derivations for spring-mass systems, Methods of Analysis, Natural frequencies of simple systems, Springs in series and parallel, Torsional and transverse vibrations, Effect of the mass of spring and Problems.

Link: Unit-2 Notes

UNIT – 3

Damped free vibrations (1DOF): Types of damping, Analysis with viscous damping – Derivations for over, critical and underdamped systems, Logarithmic decrement and Problems.

Link: Unit-3 Notes

UNIT – 4

Forced Vibrations (1DOF): Introduction, Analysis of forced vibration with constant harmonic excitation – magnification factor, rotating and reciprocating unbalances.

Link: Unit-4 Notes

      PART – B

      UNIT – 5

Vibration Measuring Instruments and Whirling of shafts: Seismic Instruments – Vibrometers, Accelerometer, Frequency measuring instruments and
Problems. Whirling of shafts with and without damping, discussion of speeds above and below critical speeds and Problems.

Link: Unit-5 Notes

         UNIT – 6

Systems with two degrees of Freedom: Principle modes of vibrations, Normal mode and natural frequencies of systems (without damping) – Simple spring-mass systems, masses on tightly stretched strings.

Link: Unit-6 Notes

       UNIT – 7

Numerical Methods for multi-degree freedom of systems: Introduction, Maxwell‟ s reciprocal theorem, Influence coefficients, Rayleigh‟ s method.

Link: Unit-7 Notes

            UNIT – 8

Modal analysis and Condition Monitoring: Signal analysis, dynamic testing of machines and structures, Experimental modal analysis, Machine condition monitoring, and diagnosis.

Link: Unit-8 Notes

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