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Module – 1

Introduction to Microprocessor, Intel 8085 Microprocessor,Origin of Microprocessor ,

Intel 8085 Microprocessor,Architecture ,Register Organization ,

Architecture, pins & signals, Register organization,Timing &control unit,

The ALU (arithmetic and logic unit),Timing and Control unit ,

Instruction Register and Decoder,Pins and Signals ,Address and Data Buses,

Control and Status Signals,Externally initiated signals ,Power supply and Clock Frequency,

Serial I/O Signals,Instruction Timing and Execution,Timing Diagram,

Instruction Set of 8085,Instruction Word Size,Data transfer instructions ,

Instruction Timing & Execution,, Instruction set of 8085,Memory & I/O Addressing,

Assembly language programming using 8085 instructions set.

Link: Module – 1

Module – 2

Memory Interfacing: Interfacing EPROM &RAM Memories,2764 and 6264,

Interfacing memory chips with 8085, Interfacing 2764 EPROM chip with 8085 ,

Partial address decoding, Interfacing 6264 RAM chip with 8085 ,

Stack &Subroutines: Stack,Subroutines, Restart, Conditional Call and Return Instructions,

Advanced Subroutine Concepts,Features of 8255 ,Block Diagram of INTEL 8255 ,

8085 Interrupts: 8085 Interrupts, Vectored Interrupts, Restart as Software Instructions.

Link: Module – 2

Module – 3

Microprocessor based system Developments Aids: Programmable peripheral Interface,8255,

Programmable DMA Controller 8257,Programmable Interrupt Controller: 8259,

Description of Block diagram,Control Logic ,Description of various Modes of 8255 ,


OUTPUT CONTROL SIGNALS, Bidirectional Data Transfer ,

PROGRAMMABLE DMA CONTROLLER 8257 ,PROGRAMMABLE INTERRUPT CONTROLLER: 8259 ,Features and Architecture of 8259,Interrupt Operation ,
Programmable Interval Timer: 8253.

Link: Module – 3

Module – 4

Intel 8086 (16 bit): Introduction, pins & signal description, Architecture, Bus timing,

minimum mode 8086, and maximum mode 8086,Multiprocessor: parallel processing,

Instruction sets of 8086:Instruction formats,Addressing modes, Instruction set: data transfer instruction,

arithmetic and logic instruction,program control instructions, Assembly language programming with 8086,

iterative procedure, recursive procedure, parameter passing,

Intel 80386 and 80486: Architecture, Register Organization, Protected mode, Paging, Virtual mode.

Link: Module – 4

Text books:
• Microprocessor Architecture, programming and applications with the 8085 by R.S. Gaonkar,
Penram International, India.
• Microprocessors and Microcontrollers by N.Senthil Kumar, M.Saravanan, and
S.Jeevananthan, Oxford University Press.

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