Microwaves And Radar VTU Notes Pdf – MWR Pdf VTU

Here you can download the Microwaves And Radar VTU Notes Pdf – MWR Pdf VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Microwaves And Radar VTU Notes Pdf – MWR Pdf VTU of Total Units

Please find the download links of Microwaves And Radar VTU Notes Pdf – MWR Pdf VTU are listed below:

Microwaves And Radar VTU Notes Pdf - MWR Pdf VTU

Link: Complete Notes


  PART – A

Link: Part A Notes


UNIT – 1

MICROWAVE TRANSMISSION LINES: Introduction, transmission lines equations and solutions, reflection and transmission coefficients, standing waves and SWR, line impedance and line admittance. Smith chart, impedance matching using single stubs, Microwave coaxial connectors.  

Link: Unit 1  Notes


UNIT – 2

MICROWAVE WAVEGUIDES AND COMPONENTS: Introduction, rectangular waveguides, circular waveguides, microwave cavities, microwave hybrid circuits, directional couplers, circulators, and isolators.

Link: Unit 2 Notes


 UNIT – 3

MICROWAVE DIODES, Transfer electron devices: Introduction, GUNN effect diodes – GaAs diode, RWH theory, Modes of operation, Avalanche transit time devices: READ diode, IMPATT diode, BARITT diode, Parametric amplifiers Other diodes: PIN diodes, Schottky barrier diodes.

Link: Unit 3 Notes


UNIT – 4

Microwave network theory and passive devices. Symmetrical Z and Y parameters, for reciprocal Networks.

Link : Unit 4 Notes


   PART – B

   Link: Part B Notes


UNIT – 5

Microwave passive devices, Coaxial connectors, and adapters, Phase shifters, Attenuators, Waveguide Tees, Magic tees.

Link: Unit 5 Notes


UNIT – 6

STRIP LINES: Introduction, Microstrip lines, Parallel strip lines, Coplanar strip lines, Shielded strip Lines.

Link: Unit 6 Notes


 UNIT – 7

AN INTRODUCTION TO RADAR: Basic Radar, The simple form of the Radar equation, Radar block diagram, Radar frequencies, application of Radar, the origins of Radar.

Link: Unit 7 Notes


 UNIT – 8

MTI AND PULSE DOPPLER RADAR: Introduction to Doppler and MTI Radar, delay line Cancellers, digital MTI processing, Moving target detector, pulse Doppler Radar.

Link: Unit 8 Notes

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