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Unit I:
Introduction to Multimedia: Multimedia, World Wide Web, Overview of multimedia tools, Multimedia authoring. Graphics! image data types. and file formats.

Unit II:
Color in Image and Video: Color Science- Image Formation. Camera Systems, Gamma Correction, Color Matching Functions, CIE Chromaticity Diagram, Color Monitor Specifications, Out-of-Gamutcolors, White point correction, XYZ to RGB transform, Transform with Gamma Correction, L*a*b* Color model. Color models in images – RGB color model for CRT displays, Snbtractive Color :CMY Color model, Transformation from RGB to CMY, Under color removal : CMYK System, printer Gamuts. Color models in video — Video Color Transforms, YUV color model. YIQ color model, YCbCr Color Model.

Unit III:
Video Concepts: Types of video signals, Analog video, Digital Video. Audio Concepts: Digitization of sound, Quantization and Transmission of audio.

Unit IV:
Compression Algorithms: bossless compression algorithms: Run length coding, Variable length coding, Arithmetic coding, Lossless JPEG, Image Compression. bossy Image Compression Al gorithms: Transform Coding:~ KLT and DCT Coding, Wavelet based coding. Image Compression Standards: JPEG and JPEG 2OOO.

Unit V:
Video Compression Techniques; Introduction to Video Compression. Video Compression based on Motion Comnensation. Search for moi ion vectors. l-l.26l- Intra-frame and Inter-frame coding. Quantization,-Encoder and Decoder, Overview of MPEG1 and MPEG2.

Unit VI:
Audio Compression Techniques: ADPCM in Speech Coding, (3.726 ADPCM, ~ Vocoders – Phase insensitivity, Channel Vocoder, Formant Vocoder, Linear Predictive Coding, CELP, Hybrid Excitation Vocoders, MPEG Audio — MPEG Layers, MPEG Audio Strategy, MPEG Audio Compression algorithms, MPEG-2 AAC, MPEG-4 Audio.

Computer and Multimedia Networks: Basics of Computer and Multimedia networks, Multiplexing technologies, LAN and WAN, Access networks

Unit VIII:
Multimedia Network Communications and Applications: Quality of Multimedia data transmission, multimedia over IP, Multimedia over ATM . networks, Transport of MPEG4, Media on Demand.

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2. Multimedia Signals & Systems — Mrinal Kr. Manda] Springer International Edition 1*‘ edition, 2009

Reference Books: [ MSC pdf notes | Multimedia and Signal Coding Notes Pdf | Multimedia and Signal Coding Notes | MSC notes | MSC pdf ] l. Multimedia Communication Systems – Techniques, Stds & Netwroks KR. Rao. Zorans. Bojkoric, DragoradA.Milovanovic, 1“ Edition, 2002.

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