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Here you can download the free lecture notes of Optical Communication Pdf Notes – OC Pdf Notes of Latest materials with multiple file links to download. Optical Communication Notes Pdf – OC Notes Pdf starts with the topics covering Overview of optical fiber communication – Historical development, The general system, advantages of optical fiber communications, Optical fiber wave guides- Introduction, Ray theory transmission etc.

Optical Communication Notes pdf - OC Notes Pdf

Optical Communication Pdf Notes – OC Pdf Notes

Optical Communication Notes Pdf – OC Notes Pdf


Overview of optical fiber communication – Historical development, The general system, advantages of optical fiber communications. Optical fiber wave guides- Introduction, Ray theory transmission, Total Internal Reflection, Acceptance angle, Numerical Aperture, Skew rays. Cylindrical fibers- Modes, Vnumber, Mode coupling, Step Index fibers, Graded Index fibers.

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Single mode fibers- Cut off wavelength, Mode Field Diameter, Effective Refractive Index. [2]. Fiber materials — Glass, Halide, Active glass, Chalgenide glass, Plastic optical fibers. Signal distortion in optical fibers- Attenuation, Absorption, Scattering and Bending losses, Core and Cladding losses.

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Information capacity determination, Group delay, Types of Dispersion – Material dispersion, Wave-guide dispersion, Polarization mode dispersion, Intermodal dispersion. Pulse broadening. Optical fiber Connectors- Connector types, Single mode fiber connectors, Connector return loss.

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Fiber Splicing- Splicing techniques, Splicing single mode fibers. Fiber alignment and joint loss- Multimode fiber joints, single mode fiber joints,. Optical sources- LEDs, Structures, Materials, Quantum efficiency, Power, Modulation, Power bandwidth product. Injection Laser Diodes- Modes, Threshold conditions, External quantum efficiency,Laser diode rate equations,Resonant frequencies. Reliability of LED&ILD.

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Optical Communication Pdf Notes – OC Pdf Notes


Source to fiber power launching – Output patterns, Power coupling, Power launching, Equilibrium Numerical Aperture, Laser diode to fiber coupling.

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Optical Communication Notes Pdf- OC Notes Pdf


Optical detectors- Physical principles of PIN and APD, Detector response time, Temperature effect on Avalanche gain, Comparision of Photodetectors. Optical receiver operation- Fundamental receiver operation, Digital signal transmission, error sources, Receiver configuration, Digital receiver performance, Probability of error, Quantum limit, Analog receivers.

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Optical system design — Considerations, Component choice, Multiplexing. Point-to- point links, System considerations, Link power budget with examples. Overall fiber dispersion in Multi mode and Single mode fibers, Rise time budget with examples.

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Transmission distance, Line coding in Optical links, WDM, Necessity , Principles, Types of WDM, Measurement of Attenuation and Dispersion, Eye pattern.

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TEXT BOOKS : OPTICAL COMMUNICATION Notes pdf – OC Notes pdf – OC Pdf Notes

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  2. Optical Fiber Communications – John M. Senior, PHI, 2nd Edition, 2002.

RERFERENCES : Optical Communication Pdf Notes – OC Pdf Notes

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Note :- These notes are according to the r09 Syllabus book of JNTUH. In R13 ,8-units of R09 syllabus are combined into 5-units in r13 syllabus.Click here to check all the JNTU Syllabus books 

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