Power Electronics VTU Notes Pdf – PE Notes PDF VTU

Here you can download the Power Electronics VTU Notes Pdf – PE Notes PDF VTU of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Power Electronics VTU Notes Pdf – PE Notes PDF VTU of Total Units

Please find the download links of Power Electronics VTU Notes Pdf – PE Notes PDF VTU are listed below:

Power Electronics VTU Notes Pdf - PE Notes PDF VTU

 Link: Complete Notes



Link: Part A Notes



Power Semiconductor Devices: Introduction to semiconductors, Power Electronics, Power semiconductor devices, Control Characteristics.TypesofpowerelectronicconvertersandindustrialapplicationsDrives, Electrolysis, Heating, Welding, Static Compensators, SMPS, HVD Cpower transmission, Thy rasterized tapped changers and Circuit breakers.

Link: Unit 1 Notes



Power Transistors: Power BJT’s– switching characteristics, switching limits, based rive control.Power MOSFET’s and IGBT’s– characteristics,gate drive,di/dtanddv/dtlimitations. Isolation of gate and base drives.The simple design of the gate and base drives.

Link: Unit 2 Notes



Thyristors Introduction, Two Transistor Model,characteristics-static and dynamic. di/dt and dv/dt protection.Thyristor types.SeriesandparalleloperationofThyristors.Thyristorfiringcircuits. Simple design offering circuits using UJ T, op-amps, and digital’s IC.

Link: Unit 3 Notes



CommutationTechniques:Introduction.NaturalCommutation.Forced commutation-self commutation, impulse commutation, resonant pulse commutation, and complementary commutation

  Link: Unit 4 Note



Link: Part B Notes



ControlledRectifiers:Introduction. The principle of phase controlled converter operation. Single phase semi-converters. Full converters. Three-phasehalf-wave converters.Three-phase full wave converters.

Link: Unit 5 Notes 



Choppers: Introduction. The principle of the step-down and step-up chopper with RLload. Performance parameters.Chopper classification. Analysis of impulse commutated thyristors hopper(only qualitative analysis)

Link: Unit 6 Notes


UNIT 7:  

Inverters: Introduction. The principle of operation. Performance parameters. Single phase bridge inverters. Three phase inverters.Voltage control of single-phase inverters– single pulse width, multiple pulse width, and sinusoidal pulse width modulation.Current source inverters. VariableD.C.linkinverter.

Link: Unit 7 Notes



AC Voltage Controllers: Introduction.PrincipleofON-OFFandphasecontrol.Single-phase, bidirectional controllers with resistive and inductive loads. (b) electromagnetic compatibility: Introduction, the effect of power electronic converters and remedial measures.

Link: Unit 8 Notes

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