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Power System-I Notes VSSUT – PS-I Notes VSSUT of Total Complete Notes

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Module – 1

Introduction to different sources of energy and general discussion on their application to
generation,Choice of size and number of Generating Units,

general introduction to power transmission by DC and AC overhead lines & underground
cables, Perunit system, Single line diagram,

Choice of size and number of generating units: Review of the terms maximum demand,

load factor,diversity factor, plant capacity and use factor,Group Diversity Factor ,

load & load duration curve and their effect on thegenerating capacity, Reserve units (hot, cold and spinning- reserve),

different types of power tariffs,brief idea about national grid and its operational problems.

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Module – 2

Hydro plant: classification of plants, base load and peak load station,

Turbines, head gate, penstock,surge tank,draft tube and tail race, power plant auxiliaries,

Thermal Power: Block diagrams, Boilers, steam turbines, super heater, economizer,

Major Components of a Thermal Power Plant,Coal Handling Plant ,

air preheater,dustcollection,draft fans and chimney; condensers, feed water heaters,

cooling water system;Governors,plant layout and station auxiliaries.

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Module – 3

Nuclear Power: Fission & fusion, reactor construction, controlled chain reaction,

operational controlof reactors,Reactors (Boiling water, pressurized water, sodium graphite, breeder),Numerical Problems on Nuclear Power Plant ,

layout of nuclearpower plant,Nuclear Power Reactors ,Comparison of PWR and BWR ,

Electrical System: excitation system, AVR: magnetic amplifier and thyristor converter type/DVR,

Main transformer, unit transformer and station reserve transformer,
commissioning tests of alternatorsand transformers.

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Module – 4

Substation & Earthing: Types of substations, arrangement of bus-bars and control equipments,

solidearthing, resistance earthing and Peterson coil,Distribution System,

types of distributors and feeders (radial & ring),voltage drop and loadcalculation,

Primary and secondary distribution network,Primary and Secondary Distribution Network,

Capacitor placement in distribution network,Distribution system planning, Service area calculation.

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