How to Start Preparing for GATE 2018 (100 Days Study Plan)

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) exam, as the name defines, is the GATE way which leads many candidates to their desired destination of success, goals and aspirations for their career. GATE is the most preferred examination for an engineering graduate who is aiming for higher studies in premier institutes such as IIT’s and IISc or looking for job opportunity in various PSU’s such as IOCL,ONGC, BHEL etc.

But the tree which gives the sweetest fruits, also requires theatmost care from the day of sowing till the fruits ripen. In order to achieve our goal through GATE exam, candidate should plan their preparation in from the very first day and maintain their desire to achieve goal with full vigour.

Candidates seriously preparing for GATE require atleast 3 months duration to prepare and complete GATE syllabus. However, a proper strategy and a study plan to prepare for GATE Exam in three months is always the primary requirement.

Candidates starting their GATE preparationnow, shouldga have the skill of appropriate time management so as to complete the syllabus and revision for the exam can be carried out simultaneously.

The available days can be divide in different phases of preparation

Phase 1(100 days before GATE)

  • Begin with complete study of Engineering syllabus, pattern along with important subjects and their weightage of marks based on previous year analysis.
  • Divide the subjects on basis of weightage and take the highly weightage subject in first attempt.
  • Aim to study atleast 4 hours a day with complete focus on the required subject.
  • Focus more on grasping the concepts rather than completing the syllabus on namesake.
  • Make your short notes simultaneously so that you can revise them few days before the exam and can save much of your time.

Phase 2(70 days before GATE)

  • Candidates should start solving numerical of the subjects prepared from this time. Focus on previous year papers esp. numericals which are highly preferred in GATE exam
  • Along with preparation and question solving, try to revise the subjects already completed with your short notes. This will build up a habit of revision which will be very useful during last moments of exam
  • Depending on the aspirants endurance, try to increase study time by 1-2 hours which will give your preparation an extra edge.

Phase 3(40 days before GATE)

  • The most cruicialtime period for GATE aspirant. By this time, preparations maximum subjects(in order of high weightage of marks) must be completed i.e the main concepts .
  • Utilize maximum time of preparation for questions solving which includes various mock tests and test series subscribed by candidates.
  • It will be preferred to atleast enrol 2 test series to practice the variety and probable question for GATE exam.
  • While solving Test series, first solve the Chapter test, Section Test and then move to Full length Mock Test.
  • Refer to the relevant theory and notes whenever you are unable to solve the questions. This will make you revise the concepts in easier way

On successful completion of 3 phases of preparation, approx. 10-15 days would be remaining depending upon your examination slot for GATE, try to revise the syllabus utilising your study notes. Also try to attempt various national mock tests which give your complete performance analysis and approx. rank in the exam.

Aspirants should always remember in back of the mind that confidence always fetches you more marks.While practising questions do not panic once you have devoted more than required time, stay calm and modify your plan of attempting the question paper in desired way.

Avoid taking up some new topic just a week before GATE exam and keep revising already prepared topics/subjects.

Lastly, take appropriate amount of sleep before exam esp. week before the exam in order to relax your body physical and mentally for another battle on the following day. Don’t forget to download gradeup app for complete free study notes for GATE & all other engineering exams.

– All The Best

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