Testing and commissioning of electrical equipments VTU Notes PDF

Here you can download the Testing and commissioning of electrical equipments VTU Notes PDF Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Testing and commissioning of electrical equipments VTU Notes PDF of Total Units

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Testing and commissioning of electrical equipments VTU Notes PDF

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UNIT – 1 & 2

Transformers :
a. Specifications: Power and distribution transformers as per BIS standards.

b. Installation: Location, site, selection, foundation details (like bolts size, their number, etc), code of practice for terminal plates, polarity & phase sequence, oil tanks, drying of windings and general inspection

c. Commissioning tests: Following tests as per national & International Standards, volt ratio test, earth resistance, oil strength, Bucholtz& other relays, tap changing gear, fans & pumps, insulation test, impulse test, polarizing index, load & temperature rise test

d. Specific Tests: Determination of performance curves like efficiency, regulation etc, and determination of mechanical stress under normal &abnormal conditions.

Link : UNIT – 1 & 2 Notes


UNIT – 3 & 4


a. Specifications: As per BIS standards.

b. Installation: Physical inspection, foundation details, alignments, excitation systems, cooling and control gear, drying out.

c. Commissioning Tests: Insulation, Resistance measurement of armature & field windings, waveform & telephone interference tests, line charging capacitance.

d. Performance tests: Various tests to estimate the performance of generator operations, slip test, maximum lagging current, maximum reluctance power tests, sudden short circuit tests, transient & sub transient parameters, measurements of sequence impedances, capacitive reactance, and separation of losses, temperature rise test, and retardation tests Factory tests: Gap length, magnetic eccentricity, balancing vibrations, bearing performance.

Link : UNIT – 3 & 4 Notes



Link: Part B Notes


UNIT – 5, 6 & 7


a. Specifications: for different types of motors, Duty, I.P. protection

b. Installation:  Location of the motors (including the foundation details) & its control apparatus, shaft & alignment for various coupling, fitting of pulleys & coupling, drying of windings.  4 Hours

c. Commissioning Test: Mechanical tests for alignment, air gap symmetry, tests for bearings, vibrations & balancing. Electrical Tests: Insulation test, earth resistance, high voltage test, starting up, failure to speed up to take the load, type of test, routine test, factory test and site test (in accordance with ISI code

d. Specific Tests: Performance & temperature raise tests, stray load losses, shaft alignment, and rerating & special duty capability.

Link : UNIT – 5, 6 & 7 Notes


UNIT – 8

                                                          SWITCHGEAR AND PROTECTIVE DEVICES

  • Standards, types, specification, installation, commissioning tests, maintenance schedule, type & routine tests.

Link: UNIT – 8 Notes

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