Turbo Machines VTU Notes Pdf – TM Pdf VTU



Here you can download the Turbo Machines VTU Notes Pdf – TM Pdf VTU of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Turbo Machines VTU Notes Pdf – TM Pdf VTU of Total Units

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Turbo Machines VTU Notes Pdf - TM Pdf VTU

Link: Complete Notes


                                                                                              PART- A


Introduction: Definition of turbo machine, parts of turbo machines, Comparison with positive displacement machines, Classification, Dimensionless parameters and their significance, Effect of Reynold’snumber, Unit and specific quantities, model studies.

Link : Unit 1 Notes


UNIT – 2

Thermodynamics of fluid flow: Static and Stagnation states- Incompressible fluids and perfect gases, Overall isen tropic efficiency, stage efficiency (their comparison) and poly trophic efficiency for both compression and expansion processes. Reheat factor for the expansion process.

Link : Unit 2 Notes


UNIT – 3

Energy exchange in Turbomachines: Euler’s turbine equation, Alternateform of Euler’s turbine equation, Velocity triangles for different values ofdegree of reaction, Components of energy transfer, Degree of Reaction, utilization factor, Relation between degree of reaction and Utilization factor.

Link : Unit 3 Notes


UNIT – 4

General Analysis of Turbomachines: Radial flow compressors and pumps– general analysis, Expression for the degree of reaction, velocity triangles, Effect of blade discharge angle on energy transfer and degree of reaction, Effect of blade discharge angle on performance

Link : Unit 4 Notes


                                                                                            PART – B

UNIT – 5

Steam Turbines: Classification, Single stage impulse turbine, condition for maximum blade efficiency, stage efficiency, Need and methods of compounding, Multi-stage impulse turbine, an expression for maximumutilization factor.

Link : Unit 5 Notes


 UNIT – 6

Hydraulic Turbines: Classification, Different efficiencies, Pelton turbine –velocity triangles, design parameters, Maximum efficiency. Francis turbine-velocity triangles, design parameters, runner shapes for different blade speeds.

Link : Unit 6 Notes


UNIT – 7

Centrifugal Pumps: Classification and parts of the centrifugal pump, differentheads and efficiencies of the centrifugal pump, Minimum speed for starting theflow, Maximum suction lift.

Link : Unit 7 Notes


UNIT – 8

Centrifugal Compressors: Stage velocity triangles, slip factor, power inputfactor, Stage work, Pressure developed, stage efficiency and surging andproblems. Axial flow Compressors.

Link : Unit 8 Notes

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