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Here you can download the Web Programming Notes VTU (WP Notes Pdf) of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Web Programming Notes VTU – WP Notes Pdf of Total Modules

Please find the download links of  Web Programming Notes VTU – WP Notes Pdf are listed below:

Web Programming Notes VTU - WP Notes Pdf 1

Link: Complete Notes



Link: Part A


UNIT – 1

Fundamentals of Web,XHTML – 1:Internet, WWW, Web Browsers and Web Servers,URLs, MIME, HTTP, Security, The Web Programmers Toolbox. XHTML: Basic syntax,Standard structure, Basic text markup, Images, Hypertext Links.



UNIT – 2

XHTML – 2,CSS:XHTML (continued): Lists, Tables, Forms, Frames
CSS: Introduction, Levels of style sheets, Style specification formats, Selector forms, Property value forms, Font properties, List properties, Color, Alignment of text, The box model,Background images, The <span> and <div> tags, Conflict resolution.



UNIT – 3

Javascript: Overview of Javascript, Object orientation and Javascript, Syntactic characteristics, Primitives, operations, and expressions, Screen output and keyboard input, Control statements, Object creation and modification, Arrays, Functions,Constructors, Pattern matching using regular expressions, Errors in scripts, Examples.



UNIT – 4

Javascript and HTML Documents, Dynamic Documents with Javascript: The Javascript execution environment, The Document Object Model, Element access in Javascript, Events and event handling, Handling events from the Body elements, Button elements, Text box and Password elements, The DOM 2 event model, The navigator object, DOM tree traversal and modification
Introduction to dynamic documents, Positioning elements, Moving elements, Element visibility,Changing colors and fonts, Dynamic content, Stacking elements, Locating the mouse cursor,Reacting to a mouse click, Slow movement of elements, Dragging and dropping elements.






UNIT – 5

XML: Introduction, Syntax, Document structure, Document type definitions,Namespaces.XML schemas, Displaying raw XML documents, Displaying XML documents with CSS, XSLT style sheets, XML processors, Web services.



UNIT – 6

Perl, CGI Programming: Origins and uses of Perl, Scalars and their operations, Assignment statements and simple input and output, Control statements, Fundamentals of arrays, Hashes,References, Functions, Pattern matching, File input and output; Examples.The Common Gateway Interface; CGI linkage; Query string format; CGI.pm module; A survey example; Cookies. Database access with Perl and MySQL.

Link:Unit- 6


UNIT – 7

PHP: Origins and uses of PHP, Overview of PHP, General syntactic characteristics,Primitives, operations and expressions, Output, Control statements, Arrays, Functions,Pattern matching, Form handling, Files, Cookies, Session tracking, Database access with PHP
and MySQL.



UNIT – 8

Ruby, Rails: Origins and uses of Ruby, Scalar types and their operations, Simple input and output, Control statements, Arrays, Hashes, Methods, Classes, Code blocks and iterators, Pattern matching.Overview of Rails, Document requests, Processing forms, Rails applications with Databases, Layouts.


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