What Skills Does COMPTIA A+ Assessment Measure? Are Test Prep Courses Helpful?


Every exam evaluates specific skills in a candidate. For common tests that US colleges, as well as universities, use to recruit students, there are targeted skills. This post focuses on the A+ Practice Test test and seeks to show you what it measures. But, first, what does this accreditation involve? Let’s see into this next.


What Does COMPTIA A+ Test Involve?

Students who take the COMPTIA A+ are those in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. They need this assessment to get admission to college once they clear high school. The COMPTIA A+ includes four subjects that you need to master, which are Science, Reading, Mathematics, and English. If you wish to take the Writing exam, that would be up to you since it is not compulsory. Each of these assessments validates specific skills. This is what we’d like you to learn next. 


What Skills Does COMPTIA A+ Measure?

The goal of the COMPTIA A+ is to measure the most important skills required to succeed after secondary school. It also measures the skills required while you’re in high school. Here’s what each of the five exams measures:

  • Mathematics

The Mathematics part validates the skills you acquire through the 11th grade. The emphasis is on courses that CompTIA A+ as prerequisites for succeeding in entry-level college mathematics courses. They include mastery of computational skills and knowledge of formulas.

  • English

The COMPTIA A+ English section determines your abilities in standard English. There will be varied genres of essays and a short text that offer different rhetorical situations. The passages you’ll find will be based on how appropriate they are in assessing your writing as well as language skills. 

  • Reading

For the Reading part, students must be able to read closely and use evidence-based on texts to reason logically. Another area involves integrating information from many sources. Questions will specifically expect you to be good at determining main ideas, locating and interpreting significant details, understanding how events follow each other and making comparisons among others.

  • Science

To do well in your Science section, you must be good at skills needed in interpretation, evaluation, analysis, reasoning as well as problem-solving. These skills are critical in natural sciences. This part of the exam starts with various real scientific scenarios, with each one of them followed by multiple-choice questions. In the test content, you’ll find chemistry, biology, physics, and earth and space sciences. 

  • Writing 

This is an essay-based section that checks your writing skills that you learned while in class in a secondary school as well as during entry-level composition courses for college. This test includes a single writing prompt describing a compound issue and offers three varying perspectives regarding the issue. 

To do your best on the COMPTIA A+ assessment day, there are various ways you can use to prepare for it. They include taking test prep courses, using preparation guides, and taking precompute Alice tests. You need to use the method that goes with your preferences as well as schedules. 



In a nutshell, the COMPTIA A+ test measures your skills in the four mandatory subjects. That is why this exam is a component that is helpful in your college success. If you can get high scores in such an assessment, there’s a high chance that you’ll be scoring high grades in college, too. Ensure to prepare well for the COMPTIA A+ so that you can achieve your potential now and in the future!

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