Cricket: Evolution and History of World cup

Cricket – History Of Cricket World Cup!

history of world cup, evolution of world cup


Ever wondered where the craze for cricket started? Or do you know when the first match was ever played?

Well that brings us to the history of the world of cricket!

Cricket was originally played in England as it had officially held matches in the 19th century. Even cricket matches were conducted by Canada and USA in the year 1844.Cricket has a huge history and dates back to up to 17th century.

Moving forward to the origin of Cricket World Cup. The first edition of the world cup was held in the year 1975, hosted by England. It began in the month of June and all the 15 matches were held in England and the final match was played at the Lord’s ,London on the 21st of the same month. It consists of 8 teams being divided into 2 groups and won by West Indies with the runner ups as Australia. It had totally 60 overs for each inning and was played in the formats of ODI series. The tournament format was a Robin-hood and knockout format.

To be precise, the eight teams were divided into two groups. In the Robin-hood format each team played against each team of the same group. The winners would play against each other of different groups in accordance with the knockout format.

It was the beginning of the glorious cricket tournament the World Cup cricket.
Since then it is officially handled by the ICC-International Cricket League and has so far held 11 editions of this extravagant event. These ODI events are held once in every four years and they are hoisted by different countries. This event rose to fame when more numbers of teams set for participation.

Usually, the selection of a team into the world cup tournament is basically done by the World cricket League and the ICC World Cup Qualifier, where the criteria was the performance in the Test matches. The most successful team so far has been Australia as it has won 5 times in the total of 7 matches the team had qualified for the finals, making its track record stand out. The team won in the years 1987, 1996, 1999, 2003, 2007.

The Indian team has also won the world cup twice in the year’s 1983 and again the year 2011 under the captaincy of MS. Dhoni. The West Indies team also won the world cup twice in the year’s 1975 and 1979.

Most successful player in the history of world cup, Sachin Tendulkar who set a record of 2,278 runs, actually really huge number of runs for a lifetime record.


The world cup initially was newly made each time to give each team. But, now the original cup is handled by the ICC league and only a replica of it is given to the winners. This 11kg cup has a Golden globe held by three silver columns, where these three silver columns represent stumps and the important things in cricket batting, bowling and fielding.
The winner team names are engraved on the world cup and has a place up to 20 teams .So far and so far good as we had 11 editions and 11 team winners.

2019 World Cup ENGLAND, WALES:

The upcoming world cup 2019, is the 12th edition which is jointly hosted by England and Wales. Now this world cup 2019 is going to be huge as India is on full mode to win this well having that on one side the ICC Qualifier team has permitted Ireland and Afghanistan without the consideration of their tests.

Apart from Ireland and Afghanistan, the count of the number of teams participating this year has gone low to 10 teams.

Previously it was 14teams, in the world cup of 2015 where Australia again bagged the world cup for the 5th time.
Keeping the cricket format as One-day-International (or) ODI .The ICC has decided to keep the format similar to the 1992 world cup where the format was still Round-robin and knockout but instead of dividing the teams into two groups.

Each team will be playing with the other 9 teams and thus an entire of 45 matches would take place. With the top four teams the tournament would advance to the next level of knockout and towards the semifinals.
The winning teams from the semifinals would play in the finals and the winner is awarded with the world cup 2019.

The warm up matches for the world cup 2019 are yet to begin in the following month of May from 24th to 28th May in England, Wales.

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