Defense Issue For Liverpool Continues As They Drew Against Sevilla!

Liverpool are looking to solve their defensive problems as soon as they can. However, for now, their defensive issues still continue as they drew the match against Seville. In the first round of UEFA Champions League, they took on the LaLiga team, Sevilla (Group E) and managed to draw the match, the scores reading 2-2.

Liverpool were dominating the match throughout. Their midfield and attack made sure that they create enough chances and score goals. They were on the way to three points, however, their defenders turned those three points to one. 



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Liverpool Defence Issue Continues!

The defence is not a new issue which the EPL side is coming across. They are again and again facing this issue, no matter which competition they are playing. Their major problem was zonal marking from set pieces. The problem will continue unless they make some arrangements to get proper positioning in the match.


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Last night, Liverpool were always in the hot zone, going for shots after shots as they total attempted 22 shots. Out of the 22 shots, they could manage six on target and scored two goals out of it. Furthermore, we can see Liverpool’s weak defensive system by Sevilla’s shots. They took a total of three shots with two shots on target and managed to find the net in both of them.

Liverpool need to look into this issue as soon as they can or it might come between them winning the Champions League.