Mohammed Shami’s Brilliant Ball to Dismiss Ab de Villiers

AB was looking to dab it down towards third man, he’s taken aback the extra bounce. Ends up gloving it through Parthiv doesn’t drop it this time around.

Mohammad Shami | AB De Villars | IndiaVS SA

Is it the opening India were seeking? Shami looks grumpy didn’t celebrate a lot, this wicket might just chirp him up a bit.

Caught Parthiv Patel!! This progression of edges won’t be seen again in the near future.

The edgy QDK is gone. He was batting like a headless rabbit on a highway finally edges a rising delivery to the keeper.

Shami is bowling into some l mines now because every time the ball is hitting the deck, it is exploding into the batsman. India have their tails up now. De Kock scored 12 runs off just 5 balls with the help of three consecutive fours.

AB De Villiers was dominating the proceedings today as well, but then Shami got one to bounce a little more than expected from a good length area, and ABD, who was trying to run it down to third man, ended up presenting a straightforward catch to Parthiv Patel.

India were expectant while walking onto the field today, after having next to no luck with the pitch last night. Ishant Sharma and Bumrah looked rather flat though in the first half hour, and it was only a matter of time before Shami was introduced into the attack.