Times Now Mistakenly Writes ’12 Years Of Retirement For Virender Sehwag’

India’s one of the finest opening batsman Virender Sehwag is a veteran is running his career successfully, and that counts on Twitter. He literally took on to his second innings on Twitter.

virendra sehwag gate

There are times when his tweets were simple, but, that was seldom. Now, after a while, his birthday tweet on former Indian batsman and one of his best friends VVS Laxman is something you can’t afford to miss.

The Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA) named Gate 2 of Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium as the “Virender Sehwag Gate” and inaugurated it on Tuesday. But the occasion was tarnished with DDCA’s goof-up. They got the cricket legend’s Test statistics wrong.

Amid all the euphoria, the DDCA failed to proof-read Sehwag’s Test statistics displayed on a metal plate embedded on the iron gate.

An incident committed another hand on social channel. This time it is by prominent media house Times Now. The social media authorities of the channel went congratulating the player for the stand. They tweeted the same with the picture included, but, something fishy has happened and Veeru didn’t let it go simply.

The media handle wrote, “Gate no.2 at Firozshah Kotla is now @virendersehwag gate, 12 years after he retired from international cricket. It reads legends are forever”.

While people went slamming the social media handlers of Times Now, Sehwag even took on to his handle and replied, “Thank you, but you mean I retired in 2005. Very informative Times. On moon, weight is 6 times lesser, on what planet years multiply by 6”.

Next, to this reply from Veeru, they took down their tweet, but, netizens are too fast to be stopped and the damage is already done.

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